Sunday, March 26, 2017

Next stop – Portland!

The Levy Family Motoring trip of 1940 continued north to Portland.  I think the scrapbooker was quite taken by the Columbia River. 

The whole setup

This is clearly a purchased photo of some sort but it’s interesting to see what things looked like in 1940.

And here’s my grandmother, Loraine (Gunzendorfer) Levy, in front of the Vista House that can be seen in the photo above.

Loraine Columbia River Vista House

Once again, stylish clothes with a hat to match.  One thing I remember about my grandmother is that she was ALWAYS dressed to the nines!

I did a quick search to see if she was, in fact, standing in front of the Vista House and to see if there were many changes.  Looks like those are the same windows.

Vista House
Photo by Frank Kovalchek
This photo hits close to home since I live in Washington – Dad was so close and little did he know his daughter would one day live here.

Across the water

This seemed to excite the scrapbooker.

Harnassed Waters

And then I turned the page and saw this.

It began to get tiresome

Ha!  Not sure if it means the trip was getting tiresome or the bills that were on the page.

Coquille Hotel Bill

$6.50 for one room.  They must have decided to share that night.  Wonder who they called for 80 cents?

Here’s my dad in front of the Coquille Coffee Shop.  Being that he never drank coffee, I wonder what he ordered.

Gordon Coquille Coffee Shop

And then another bill from the Hotel Benson.  Same date – July 9.  Must be an error as I’m sure they weren’t in two places at once.

Hotel Benson Bill

I’m guessing they stayed here for 2-3 nights – I can’t imagine $36.00 for one room.  Glad they were able to get their laundry done!

I looked to find some photos of the hotel and sure enough, it is still around today.  I can imagine it was just as fine in 1940.

Photos by Sporst

Last but not least was something titled “Don’t Peek”. 

Dont Peek

Of course, the first thing I had to do was PEEK!

American Express Confirmation

Looks like they wired ahead on July 8 to make their reservation for the following night.  Could they have changed their reservation from The Benson to arrive on July 10?  I had to laugh that on the back of the “Don’t Peek” things, someone wrote “It was the siliest thing of the trip”.  What was silly?  Wiring ahead to change/make a reservation?  The fact that someone wrote “Don’t Peek” knowing the first thing anyone would do was, in fact, PEEK?

On to the next adventures!


  1. "At last - harnessed waters" -- that's hilarious. I think there is an implied eyeball roll, much like my own reaction as a teen when we visited yet another Civil War battlefield.

    Your dad had your grandmother's sense of style -- look at those snazzy shoes. And your grandmother's shoes! Weren't they good-looking!

    1. We did a Civil War battlefield tour with our kids and I was just like you - do we HAVE to visit another battlefield? Now I'd give anything to go back!

  2. What an incredible trip they took. Did your dad talk much about this experience?

    And yes, I agree---a bit of sarcasm from your uncle (or was it your father) in the labeling of the dam.

    1. I don't ever remember hearing a word about the trip :-(

  3. It looks like a wooden fish ladder. Really cool picture.

    1. It's always interesting to see the same sights all these years later.