Sunday, April 2, 2017

Time to turn around

The Levy Family Motoring Trip of 1940 made it to Portland……and then, it seems, they turned around.

I’m not sure where these photos are from and they aren’t very good ones, at that.  But it’s still fun to see some of the sights and to know what the family found interesting.


I wonder where this coastline is?  I can safely say it is in either Oregon or California.

This is an interesting photo – were they tempting the buck with a treat above his head.


Just like the caption said, this one is pretty cute.  Not just the deer but the cute young man (my dad) with it.


And another unknown location.  All I know is that it is a ‘small inlet’.  Thanks for the clue, Scrapbooker.

Small Inlet

These photos are pretty boring.  I’ve learned over the years that most photos that don’t include a person or a special place mean nothing many years later.  These are no exception.

More Coast


And this one is just weird.  What in the heck is this creature?

Front or back

By the looks of this postcard, they seem to have made it back to the Redwood Forest. 

Redwoods Again

And then on July 10 it was back to The Eureka Inn.  And just like any good Levy would do, of course they had to keep the bill.  This time they were in rooms 357 and 358 and they wired someone – wouldn’t it be great to know more about that?

Eureka Inn Bill

Apparently they forgot that they’d already bought this postcard and included it earlier in the scrapbook.  Now that’s the sign of a true pack rat!  I wish I knew the story behind the “kennels”.

The Kennels

And then it was on to Benbow…..again.


While not the exact postcard from above, it’s pretty darned close.  Maybe they thought this return trip was sparse when it came to memorabilia.

Now we get to see the Benbow Docks.  Looks like a nice spot to relax and read a good book.

Benbows Docks

And last but not least, what would a stop be without a copy of the bill?  Interesting that one room was $6.00, the other was $4.50 – wonder which was which.  And can you imagine feeding a family of four dinner for $5.00 and breakfast for $3.00?

Hotel Benbow Bill

I found this on the back of the bill.  Were they keeping track of all the charges, figuring out their bank balance, or just what?  Boy, wouldn’t they have loved a calculator or an Excel spreadsheet?

Hotel Benbow Bill Back

Heading farther south next time where they’ll stop for a visit with some family.


  1. I know what you mean about photos of places, and yet I always take them myself. I think more for me to record that I was "there" than to take a particularly memorable photograph. I look back at our travel photos, and it's usually the people photos that I focus on.

    1. I do take some photos of places but they are definitely more interesting if someone is in the shot.

  2. I love these post. The one photo with the small inlet looks like in and around Eureka. Of course the tree line went all the way to the coast it looks similar to some photos I have. I'm in Shasta County/Ca and know Humboldt county. The redwoods also could either to Jedediah Smith Redwood state park in Crescent city. I know Benbow resorts - really neat pictures.

    1. Someday I'd like to go to Benbow resort - it would be fun to see where they stayed.

  3. I have old photos with addition and multiplication taking place on the back. Didn't my family have any scrap paper?
    I wonder if "the Kennels" allowed dogs and maybe your family could hear them barking. Or maybe the rooms were long and narrow and Sig decided they felt like a kennel. Shall I go on?
    In my dad's scrapbook of his Coast Guard days in Greenland are a gazillion photos of icebergs. Really, how many photos of icebergs can you enjoy looking at?

    1. I'm sure icebergs are cool but you're right, how many can you look at? Although my mother-in-law had the feeling that if one is good, 20 is better.