Sunday, May 19, 2013

Military Girl

No, my grandmother wasn’t a military girl but the next pages of her scrapbook tell a different story.  And boy are these pages in sad shape.

I’ll do my best to document these pages but things are really torn and falling apart which makes it hard to scan.

“Military Girl” was a musical and financial success!  What a difference a century makes - $100 was considered a financial success in 1915.  From what I can piece together, the production was held on Thursday, February 4, 1915.  Besides a Burlesquer, Loraine Gunzendorfer was also a Matinee Girl. 

Financial Success

The article also states:

There were no stars in “The Military Girl.” But each and every one in the cast – from the chorus girl to the few who portrayed the leading roles – acted their parts splendidly, and the audience was highly pleased with the production. Well rendered songs, beautifully executed dances, and appropriate costumes combined to make “The Military Girl” one of the most appreciated local talent productions presented here in years. The operetta was coached by Fred Carlyle of Oakland.

And then there is this article:

Operetta 1 Operatta 2

And the Program:

Programme Programme 2
(These are in such bad shape that my Flip-Pal had trouble stitching them together)

Here’s what Grandma had to say about the production:

Such fun

I’m not sure what this is – maybe part of the script that listed the songs?

Leaders of the Ball

And this must be part of the Burlesque script but it is tattered and appears to have been written in pencil which has almost completely faded.  I guess that’s what almost 100 years in a basement or storage unit will do.


A big clue from these articles is that Loraine’s friend, Elfie, had a last name – Fonda. Maybe that will help me put together some pieces of the puzzle!

Sunday, May 12, 2013


The next pages of the scrapbook are what Grandma called Tidbits.  Just a little of this and that.

Loraine Gunzendorfer

I wrote about Grandma’s trip to the cannery before.  I’d like to think this photo was from an outing to the cannery but – gasp – maybe she was actually working there!  For the few reading who knew my grandmother, I’m sure you will agree that Loraine working in a cannery is about the last place I’d expect her to be working.  Actually, working anywhere is a bit of a stretch.

January 20, 1914 was Loraine Gunzendorfer’s 18th birthday.  This horoscope must have really struck a chord with her since she saved Cozette’s Horoscope.


I think it must have been the second to last paragraph that interested her.

Persons whose birthdate it is have a lucky anniversary.  They probably will benefit through the aid of their friends.  Young women have the omen of happy marriage.  Jupiter particularly benefits those who were born in 1866, 1878, 1890 and 1902.  Saturn may bring temporary trouble to those born on or near January 3.

While she wasn’t born in 1866, 1878, 1890 or 1902, we know from this scrapbook that Loraine had a lot of friends to aid her.  And since she was happily married to my grandfather for 49 years, I’d say that counts as a happy marriage.

Camera License

This must have been from her visit to the Panama-Pacific International Exposition in 1915.  Interesting that cameras had to be licensed.

The wines and liquors were on special!  This was actually on the back of a clipping (my family always called them clippings) but I found it more interesting than the story she saved.  I have to chuckle reading about Zinfandel being invigorating to the invalids and that Riesling wine makes the dinner taste better.

Wine and Liquor

Grandma writes about the Boat Club dance and the one thing she saved to help remember the event. 

Boat Club

I’m not sure this is what she was referring to but since it was on the same page, it must be.  Hard to tell since half of it is missing.

Boat Club 2

I wrote about the 1914 graduation here.  Here’s another reference to the stunt.


Friday night, Sept. 25, 14.  Mrs. Woolf gave a surprise for Helen.  We danced until nearly one o’clock.  A nice affair.  Elbert _____ (brought?) me home. 

The napkin with the flowers on it must have been a remembrance from the party.

Society Chatter

Sounds like Helen Thompson fit right into her new school.  I even have her photo from the yearbook!

Helen Thompson
Helen Thompson

Uh oh, Grandma tore her dress!  And how cute that she put a piece of it in her memory book!

Torn Dress

Here is Elbert taking her to a party again.  He was her classmate, John Elbert Hitchcock, and the brother of her BFF, Hallie Hitchcock.  I’ve been researching this family a bit as I’d love to connect with a descendant and share some of the photos with them.  No luck so far but I’m not giving up.

John Elbert Hitchcock
John Elbert Hitchcock

More tidbits coming up next time!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Who are these people?

At this part of the scrapbook, Grandma must have been bored with labeling the photos because she just stopped.  So here I am with a bunch of photos with no idea who any of these people are.  Maybe someday I’ll be able to identify a few people but until then, I can just identify my Grandma, Loraine Gunzendorfer.

Look at this beautiful dress and great hat!

Loraine Hat

Now she did a little labeling but, of course, I knew this was her.


I should be able to figure out who these kids are – maybe I can find a photo of the house and make a guess as to who they are.


Aren’t these two adorable?  If I didn’t know better I’d think the child on the left is Grandma’s brother, Wilton Gunzendorfer.  But it doesn’t fit based on the time period the photos are from.


This couple is interesting.  Another beautiful hat!


Is this girl the same as above?


An old fashioned picnic!  I think that is Grandma sitting third from the left.


I wonder what these people are looking at?

What are they looking at

And one more group shot, this time from the front.  I don’t see Grandma here.


This photo is classic - what is she trying to say?  Did something happen to the missing person?  Could that have been an unflattering photo of Grandma that she never wanted to see again?  These little cryptic clues just make my imagination wander.

All thats left

While I’m so thankful for the photos Grandma did label, these unlabeled ones sure are frustrating!