Sunday, May 13, 2012

Speaking of weddings

Look at this - the printing plate for the wedding invitation for my great grandparents, Bertha Schwartz and Abraham Gunzendorfer!

It needs to be cleaned (118 years will do that) but I'm afraid to touch it. 

Mrs. R. Schwartz
invites you to be present
at the marriage of her daughter
Mr. A.B. Gunzendorfer
Sunday evening September ninth
Eighteen hundred and ninety four
at eight o'clock
at her residence
99 Mission Street
Santa Cruz


I originally wrote about Bertha and Abe's wedding here.

And then there was this little tidbit.

It's hard to read but it shows Santa Cruz, September 9, 1894.  Subscription:  Free, Gratis, Nix, Nothing.

Under the Editor's Introduction it says:

THE GUN is published daily, except on Sundays, Week Days and Holidays, and is fired on this festive occasion with a right royal salute in honor of the two principals

Bertha (nee Schwartz) and Abe Gunzendorfer

whose union adds lustre to this glorious California day, and which gives our Golden State another reason to make this forever a gala day in its history.  The Editors hope that those who have been so unfortunate as to have been within range and hit by the shots fired from THE GUN are not seriously wounded, and we believe that if they will but consider, they will soon realize that the ammunition used was with the intention of striking, if possible, the bulls-eye of their risibilities, rather than for the purpose of inflicting pain.  To those, however, suffering more than others, we recommend the salve of geniality of our hostess or balm of a bewitching smile from the fair bride.

The last page (of four) is pretty clever.

On the right side there are some 'telegrams' - here are a few:

Pekin, September 9th, 1894
I regret I cannot be with you today. I lost my only little yellow jacket and have nothing else to wear suitable for the Chassne. Seit mir gebenscht Kinder. Li Hung Chang, Viceroy to China                           

Balmoral Castle, September 9th, 1894
My last Great Grandchild has cost me all my Milchding Silver.  I can only send you my blessing.
Pruh, Urvuh
Queen Victoria

St. Petersburg, September 9th, 1894
For this day and your special benefit I cast aside all my Risches and say with the Rabbi Jevorechecho.
Alexander III, Czar of Russia

Washington, September 9th, 1894
We extend to you our best wishes.  We hope you will do your duty to your country as we have always tried to do ours.
Grover and Frances

Someone had quite a sense of humor! 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Will you marry me?

Look at that - the wedding announcement for my paternal grandparents, Mildred Loraine Gunzendorfer and Sigmund Levy!  I found this little gem folded in the original envelope and just ready for mailing, even if it is nearly 100 years later.

My grandmother apparently hated the name Mildred and always used her middle name - looks like she hated it enough to leave it off of her wedding announcement.

The engagement wasn't a long one as I found the newspaper article announcing their engagement in the San Francisco Chronicle, November 10, 1918.  In my treasures I've also found many, many letters of congratulations from their various friends.

I don't know the exact dates of these photos but they seem to be from about the right time period.

Loraine Gunzendorfer

Sigmund Levy

I also found some newspaper articles tossed in with the pile of photos I have.  I have no idea of the dates or the newpaper(s) they were printed in but here's a sample of one of them.

It's so fun to find these treasures - it takes me back to another time and makes the stories of my ancestors so real.

Congratulations Sig and Loraine!