Sunday, August 12, 2012

1914 Graduation

My grandmother's scrap book is filled with memories and here she even kept mementos from the graduating class before her, the class of 1914 from Monterey High School.  This class looks to be quite small in comparison to the graduating class of 1915 when my grandmother, Loraine Gunzendorfer, graduated with 15 classmates.  However, I found a newspaper article about the graduation and it stated there were 14 classmates.  I wonder why only six were listed in the announcement? 

Each class must have been able to select their own colors, flower, and motto as the class of 1915's were different.

Looks like Loraine was a contributor to "El Susurro" which was the yearbook at Monterey High School.

Mrs. Jenkins gave a party!

Mrs. Jenkins
at home
in honor of the
seniors of her class
Friday evening
June fifth, at
half past eight

I remember my grandmother always saying "half past eight" instead of 8:30 - now I know where she got it!

And I have to laugh how just about everything went into the newspaper.  Today we typically just read about the bad stuff.

I'm glad to know they had a very nice time!

A very pretty informal reception to the senior class of the Monterey high school was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. R.H. Jenkins on Van Buren street last evening.  Some of the friends of the seniors were present also.  The evening was spent in classic conversation and playing games.  Delightful refreshments were served near the end of the evening.

Those present were:  Faye Scarlett, Martha McKillop, Hazel Platz, Blanche Littlefield, Mary Salterbach, Loraine Gunzendorfer, Hattie Hitchcock, Viawillis Hutchinson, Hazel Peregrine, Mildred Dolly, Ruby Tuttle, Hannah McKillop and Grace Layton.

This doesn't look anything like medals to me and I have no idea what the "stunt" was but I'm sure it was fun.

Just (a piece) for remembrance of Class Day - These
medals were used in our "stunt".

Feast of Lanterns - July 25, 1914
Carlton, Margaret, Earle & I went out and had an awfully good time.  This is the last of the lantern that Earle stole out there and he sure did have a good time with it, even if he did get candle grease all over his face.

Now that's a story I would have liked to hear.  But Grandma - stealing again?

As I was preparing this post I went into the box of photos I have of her to find one at about the right age.  I came across this one and thought she must be about 16-17 here.....and then I turned it over and saw the date of Xmas 1912, which would have been one month before her 17th birthday.  And she even wrote a message on the back!

Mildred Loraine Gunzendorfer
Xmas 1912

Now I just have to connect the dots to figure out who Aunt Ray is.


  1. What a very pretty girl - and some very special memories.

  2. What treasures! I am reminded of all the mementos I kept from high school. I had them in a metal foot locker in the garage. Imagine my disappointment when I discovered the garage roof was leaking and bottom of the foot locker had rusted completely out. Everything inside was mildewed. I'm glad your grandmother preserved her memories better than I did mine.