Sunday, August 26, 2012

Off to the theater

Photo by beautifulcataya
California First Theater - Monterey, California

One thing I've learned about my grandmother, Loraine Gunzendorfer, is that she loved to go out, especially to the theater.  And she's even left me some programs and descriptions about what she saw.

Sunday - Sept 6 - 1914 - Bryan and Gene came from Hollister to stay a week or so - In the afternoon we went for ride to Grove - After I obtained the above - Then we all - Hallie, Bryan, Gene & I went to the Monterey Theatre where I got ------->

See where she wrote this with the arrow? 

Wikipedia describes this as a silent movie from 1914 set in the period of the Second Punic War (218-202 B.C.). 

From the looks of the inside of the program this seems about right.

Here's a few other programs.


She must have liked this one a lot.  I like it a lot when she writes captions telling me about her experience!

A wonderful play - comedy
enjoyed it every minute

I don't think she cared for this one as much.

Margaret, Hallie, Elfie, Helen, Mary and I were asked to usher for "The Hazard of the King."  It was quite a good production, scenery, costumes, etc. but play wasn't much.

It's funny how seeing things she wrote nearly 100 years ago brings back a memory for me.  I remember when she didn't like something much she'd say "I couldn't give it much". 

How I wish she were here to tell me about these plays!


  1. Isn't that fabulous! I'll bet many of us are unaware of the type of things our grandparents or older generations truly enjoyed. And just think, the theater for only $1.00. :)

  2. You really have some great ephemera from your grandmother. And you tell her story well. I feel as though I know her a little now without ever having seen her in life.