Sunday, April 30, 2017

Scrapbook #2 – Meet Mr. Levy

On to the next scrapbook!  Today I briefly went through the remaining scrapbooks in an effort to determine what I have and what, eventually, can be donated to a historical society.  Remember, this is what I have.

Some of it doesn’t seem all that interesting to me so I thought I would try to get them in some sort of date order.  I got a good start on that but decided I would start with these two gems.

They looked pretty similar so seemed like a good place to start, especially when I opened up the first one and saw this.

That, my friends, is my grandfather, Sigmund Levy.  It looked like this had some interesting and fun stuff in it so no time like the present to get started!

Page 1 - Sig Levy

Yep, that’s the face I remember so vividly from all those years ago.  How can it be possible that he has been gone nearly 50 years?  More importantly, how can it be possible that I remember the day he died like it was yesterday?  I swear I’m not that old!

And then a newspaper article from February, 1939 inviting us to Meet Mr. Levy.

Page 1 Meet Mr Levy
Page 1 Meet Mr Levy Part 2

I love learning that he pioneered the idea of newspaper delivery by air – wouldn’t he be astonished today to know that we have instant access to news and printed newspapers are almost a thing of the past.  And, I need to find out more about his days playing in the Fresno Y.M.C.A. mandolin club! 

And a few other stories from the newspaper.

Page 1 Forty Years Ago

Page 1 Red Cross_Realtor Award

Page 1 Fresno Yesterdays Mar 22 1932

Page 1 Fresnos Yesterdays Jan 26 1946

I wish this article had some sort of date with it – I don’t think I’ve ever heard about him fracturing his knee cap.  How did that happen?

Page 1 S Levy Recovered

It’s always good to see more photos.  I’ve seen this before but it’s nice to see it included in this scrapbook.

Page 1 Sig Levy Young

Seeing what was important to him is really fun.  But I don’t think anything will ever top this story.

Page 1 Poor Sig

Could this really have been true?  Poor Sig!


  1. What a man! So talented. A visionary. And so funny - imagine getting mad that he couldn't see Santa. Do you think he really went down the chimney?

    1. He was pretty small so it's possible. Maybe that's how he broke his kneecap? :-)

  2. Wow -sounds like he was definitely a "do'er". I love the Santa story. Too funny. Great pictures you have, too. He was a nice looking man.

    1. He stayed busy, that's for sure! And my dad followed in his footsteps.