Sunday, March 5, 2017

Pictures, Bills, Etc.

When I last wrote HERE, I had started to go through my grandfather’s scrapbooks.  So now I’ll add a few more pages.

This is going to be interesting as I find out what a trip like this cost.  The more I look at this scrapbook, the more I’m thinking it was the work of my dad’s brother, Robert Levy.  Maybe I’ll be able to tell better as I go through the book.

At closer look, I can see that the family stayed at The Clift in San Francisco on June 30, 1940.  Grand total for the room – $13.00!  I remember my grandparents coming to the hotel when they’d visit San Francisco – looks like the tradition started many years before.  I’m puzzled thinking that a family of four, which included sons who were 13 and 20, would have stayed in one room, especially since my grandparents never seemed to be that “type” of parents.  Maybe the 1112-14 indicates they had rooms 1112 and 1114?

The Clift Bill

And a few photos.

Look at the Buick

That’s Uncle Rob – the caption of “Look at the Buick” just makes me think he wrote that. 

Sig Loraine Clift Hotel

Sig and Loraine in front of the hotel.  I’ve said over and over again how short Sig was – you really get a feel for it here since Grandma was maybe only 5’ 4” tall.

And Loraine and Gordon (my dad).

Loraine_Gordon Clift Hotel

AND this -

I think this is showing that they had two rooms – room 104 and 105.  And one was $6.00 per night, the other $4.50.  Add a few dining room charges and tax and they were up to a grand total of $18.74.

Hotel Benbow Bill
Lake at Benbow

Looks like a very serene place. 

Then they were on to Eureka.  This postcard has the caption “On the way to EUREKA”.

Redwood Postcard

And then on to the Eureka Inn - that’s my dad, Gordon, and Loraine.

Gordon_Loraine Eureka Inn

And a postcard that was “touched up” – not sure what that meant.

Eureka Inn Postcard

And finally the bill – this is captioned “This comes every day.  Why?” 

Eureka Inn Bill

Okay, that’s definitely two rooms – room number 349 and 350.  $10.00 per day for TWO rooms?

It’s fun to see where they stopped on their way north.  More to come!


  1. What a great collector/saver your uncle was---and what a gift for you! I wonder if he ever thought that someone would find all this so interesting. It does seem that there were two rooms. But I wouldn't have thought it odd if they stayed in one room. My parents did it all the time when we were kids, and we did it all the time when our kids were younger.

    1. I agree with you about one room - we did that all the time, as well. But my grandparents were a little "stuffy" and it doesn't seem like something they would do. Especially when one of the boys was 20.

  2. LOL! Yes, I guess having a 20 year old son in the room might be odd, but since I had only daughters, it never felt odd to me---until she got married! :)

  3. I think "Touched up" refers to the colorization of the postcard. Maybe your uncle recognized that the picture didn't look real but had that cartoon-like appearance.

    It is interesting that they saved the hotel bills.

  4. What a neat scrapbook! And, it's neat to see the prices of hotel rooms from 1940.