Sunday, August 9, 2015

Family Photos - It’s my birthday, have a party!

I continue to go through photos, albums, and other family items in order to document things for future generations.  Next up, a family photo album that was stashed away in my parents’ home.  To start from the beginning, click here.

Okay, so it’s really not my birthday but the next pages of the family photo album show my 5th birthday celebration – time to party!  Dad titled the next page Debby is now 5.  Huh?  Where did the spelling Debby come from?  So now I’ve seen Debbie, Debbe, and Debby and since then I’ve changed everything to Debi.  No wonder I was such a mixed up kid.

Uh-oh, looks like I might have been getting a little sassy with Dad.  Look at all those patent leather shoes!

Page 18 - Debby is now 5

Here’s the group.  I can only identify a few – my sister on the left in the back row; to her left is our dear next door neighbor, Mary K., 2nd from the right in the back row was our neighbor across the street, Diana B.; and on the far right in the back row is, I think, Merle.  I’m on the left in the front row (sitting down) and I feel like the girl who is kneeling was named Nancy.  But I could just be imagining that.

Page 18 - Debi birthday group 1959

Time to blow out the candles!

Page 18 - Debi blowing out candles

And what in the heck is this expression?  And why are all the other kids sitting in a line?  I remember my mother always had games planned for our birthdays so maybe this was some game we were playing.

Page 18 - Debi birthday 1959

Looks like my sister wanted to help me open my presents.  I’m not sure if I’m agreeable or telling her to keep her hands off.

Page 19 - Birthday Girl Deb 1959
Birthday girl Deb

It looks like at about the same time we went to visit our grandparents in Fresno as Dad captioned the next page Down on the Farm. 

Not sure where this picture was taken as I don’t remember anything like this on my grandparents’ farm (aka chicken ranch).

Page 19 - Down on the Farm 1959

We loved to collect eggs and help Grandma and Grandpa clean and weigh them.  I wonder how much we really helped vs. how much mess we made?

Hey, I remember these outfits from last week’s post here

Page 19 - Cary_Debi 1959

Page 19 - Cary_Debi_ShellHunter 1959
My sister and me helping Grandpa Shell Hunter

Looks like Dad got things a little out of order because on the next page we go back to Halloween, which is 6 weeks before my birthday.  I will never forget this costume as long as I live – not too PC these days.  And for my family who knows this house well – there are no white rocks in the garden area!

Page 20 - Cary Halloween 1959
Cary in Halloween Costume 1959

And just after my birthday was Christmas.  Yes, we celebrated both Hanukkah and Christmas but we typically got most of our gifts on Christmas.  My mom always said she just couldn’t take Santa Claus away from her children.  Worked for us!

Page 20 - Corner Store Gordon Debi 1959
Deb gets a store for Christmas

There are a few things in my childhood that I remember vividly and this store is one of them.  I loved stocking the shelves, ‘selling’ things to my friends and family, and most of all, I loved picking up that phone and making calls.  It’s amazing that I can’t remember things from last week but this I can remember. 

If this doesn’t look like one happy little girl I don’t know what does!

Page 20 - Corner Merchant Debi 1959
Corner Merchant

And one random photo.  I don’t know where we are and certainly don’t know what we were doing – perhaps we were posing for next year’s Christmas card?

Page 20 - What a pair Debi Cary 1959
What a pair


  1. Amazing how photographs can bring back such vivid memories! I hope your family and descendants appreciate this series of blog posts!

  2. I just love these pictures! I've said this before, I know, but each time I see these pictures, they bring me back to my own childhood memories. Those party dresses!! One old childhood friend suggested that we have a birthday party and we all wear outfits like we did as kids. Can you imagine? Keep them coming!

  3. Oh I love that store. I would have asked for one had I known such a thing existed. I think you all were playing Leap Frog in that one picture with kids in a line. What was the point of that game?