Sunday, May 17, 2015

Family Photos

I continue to try to go through photos, albums, and other family items in order to document things for future generations.  Next up, a family photo album that was stashed away in my parents’ home.  It doesn’t look too exciting from the outside – just a plain album.

But open up the cover and the early years of my family start to unfold.  My plan is to go through the album page by page and document every photo. 

Someone took a lot of time and care in putting together the front page.  I’m guessing this art work was completed by my older sister – she has always been the artistic one of the bunch. ;-)

And then the photos start and, fortunately, my dad did a good job of providing captions and dates for the photos.  This is the first page in its entirety so you can get a flavor of how he mounted the photos with mounting corners (there is even a supply left for me inside the front cover of the album) and captioned them with silver ink on the black pages.

Here’s a close up of the photo – I’m the little one on my mother’s lap.

Page 1 - The 3 Girls - May 1955 - Quite a Family
The 3 Girls
May 1955
Quite a Family

The next page has a few random shots. 

Page 2 - Our Mommy
Our Mommy

Page 2 - Our Mommy June 1956
Our Mommy
June 1956

This one cracks me up.  Maybe I was stunned that my sister was spitting on the cake?

Page 2 - Greatest Picture Ever Taken - Carys 5th birthday - 1957
The Greatest Picture Ever Taken
Cary’s 5th birthday

On to the next page – these seem a bit out of order.

Page 3 - Carys 4th Birthday 1956
Cary’s 4th Birthday

That is my sister at the head of the table.  Look at the little blonde guy blowing on his party favor.

Page 3 - On the Capitol Steps 1956
On the Capitol steps

Check out my curly hair – that didn’t last long!  This would have been in Sacramento, California.

Page 3 - Chris Kringle and Friends 1956
Chris Kringle & Friends

We both look pretty excited to be holding hands with St. Nick.

Page 3 - The Gold Miners 1956
The Gold Miners

WAIT JUST A MINUTE!  When we were scanning all of the slides we ran across this photo – I smile every time I see it (which is daily since we printed a copy and have it sitting next to our TV).

My beautiful picture

Is this the same place?  I think it could be!  My best guess at this point is that it is some place in Virginia City, Nevada so I’ve written to the Historical Society in the area and asked if they could give me any information on it.  Hopefully they’ll have something to share with me – stay tuned.

I hope you’ll join me over the next few weeks/months as I continue to go through the family photo album.


  1. I just love "The Greatest Picture Ever Taken" - that is a treasure! This inspires me to get digging through my old ('60s and '70s) family photos.

    1. It's not just a fun photo but the caption makes me laugh, as well!

  2. Debi, I think you're just taking in a big breath of air, getting ready to blow in the photo of your sister blowing out her birthday candles. Perhaps you are disappointed to see her blow out the flames before you even get a good start. Whatever was happening, it's a sweet photograph and deserves it's title of "The Greatest Picture Ever Taken."

  3. Oh Debi, this is going to be fun. So many precious memories captured with a single click.

    1. These days kids probably have more photos in a day than we had in our lifetime!

  4. Wonderful photos! As soon as school is out, I need to go through some photos. What fun! :)

  5. Wonderful photos; a real step into the past.

  6. OMG, such classic 50s photos! The birthday party photo could have been lifted from an album I have! These are great.