Sunday, August 23, 2015

Family Photos – On to the 60’s

I continue to go through photos, albums, and other family items in order to document things for future generations.  Next up, a family photo album that was stashed away in my parents’ home.  To start from the beginning, click here.

Now we’ve hit 1960 and it looks like we had a few new family excursions and memories.

Now this is a sweet photo of me with my dad.  Wonder what I was dressed up for – and I still have those black patent leather shoes.

Page 21 - Dad and # 2 Daughter
Dad and #2 Daughter

This photo reminds me again that my parents never liked to part with things.  That clock, and the two plates on either side, were still hanging in the same spot above the fireplace in 2013 when we cleaned out the house.  And those two Dresden figurines on the shelves on the wall, or at least some of the others my mother had, are in my curio cabinet today.

Oh look at this cute family photo – Dad even displayed his SF Giants ball cap!  Looks like I had a new hairdo to show off – sure wish someone hadn’t whacked off my bangs.

Page 21 - May 1960
May 1960

And just the girls.  I don’t look too amused in this photo.

Page 21 - Gerry, Cary, Debi

Camile is a striking woman but I wish I knew who she was.

Page 21 - Carmille and Deb
Camille & Deb

And some more posing, here with our Grandpa Sig.

Page 22 - Grandpa Sig

And here’s my mom and Uncle Rob, Dad’s brother.  Mom was a looker!

Page 22 - Uncle Rob on his 1960 visit
Uncle Rob on his 1960 visit

I think some of the most fun going through this album has been the captions Dad added.  Some were pretty clever!

Page 22 - Camera Shy Page 22 - Camera Sly
Camera Shy
Camera Sly

And for those who have stayed with me while I documented this album – check out the white bench my sister is sitting on.

Apparently my oldest cousin, Vicki, came for a visit in 1960 with her dad.  What’s up with the lei, Vicki?

Page 23 - Cousin Vicki and Men
Cousin Vicki and Men

A little out of order but now we’re back to Fresno.  I’m not sure why a few of these photos are in color – maybe Dad was experimenting with a new camera.  I don’t remember ever seeing this beautiful magnolia tree – I wonder if it is still there today.

Page 23 - Grandma Loraine
Grandma Loraine

The last two photos show us in dance costumes.  I remember we loved to put on shows, plays, and dances so I’m guessing we’d been rehearsing for some big extravaganza.  Dad captioned these More Grins.

Page 23 - More Grins

Geez, Debi, open your eyes!

Vicki was really playing the part – check out the candy cigarette in her hand.  I remember they had red coloring on the end so it looked like it was lit.

Page 23 - More Grins 2

Boy wouldn’t I love to have a home movie of the performance we put on – I’ll bet it was a doozy! 


  1. Oh Debi, I love these albums -- I just laugh and laugh along with you. It looks like my mother paid you all a visit and cut your bangs. Yep, yours look like mine always did -- definitely my mother's touch. Candy cigarettes and plays -- that's my childhood too. (And PS -- you were still in single digits but almost as tall as Sig. Cracks me up!)

    1. Any time I hear comments about my kids or grandkids not being tall, I just have to pull out a photo of Sig and they immediately understand. I think he was about 5'1" or so.

  2. I had those bangs also. And my daughter says I did the same to her!