Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Wedding Journey

It’s time for the honeymoon - and how nice of mom to describe it for me!

Wedding Journey

A lovely trip to Carmel where we spent a wonderful week at the Highlands Inn.  While there we visited many interesting places the most beautiful of which was the Point Lobos State Park.  Also saw the Carmel Mission, the Monterey wharf, historic points in Monterey, Big Sur (what a flop!), Seventeen Mile Drive, museums and others.  We had a marvelous time.  Even got a chess set and spent several enjoyable hours learning the game.  Our cabin had a fire place and we were able to toast a few marshmellows [sic].

Not only did she describe it, but there’s pictures!

This must be the cabin she describes.


I’d heard about the Highlands Inn as a child but never pictured it looking like this.  I’m sure it was very peaceful and romantic.

And here’s mom at the door – Malcom must have been the name of their cabin.


And here’s Dad sitting on the porch.


I wonder what Mom was taking a picture of.

Taking pictures

Could it be this?

Fish Fleet
Fish Fleet at Monterey

Mom looks so happy here.


And last but not least, Mom in her “honeymoon garb” (that’s what Dad wrote on the picture).  Even though I know that brides usually have new nighties and such for the honeymoon, you don’t often see them in the photos!

Honeymoon Garb

And that’s all I want to know about that :-)


  1. Wonderful!

    I love that you have followed all the blog posts about your parents' wedding with a post about (and with pictures of) their honeymoon!

  2. Thank goodness she wasn't wearing a thong and boustier. ;-)

    The Highland Inn reminds me of the setting in the movie "Same Time Next Year."