Sunday, November 10, 2013

Guests, guests, and more guests

Now that my parents’ wedding ceremony was over, it was time to party!  And it looks like there were a lot of people to participate.

Reception crowd

Actually, it doesn’t look like this crowd was too into partying – this group looks pretty reserved.  And with all the people in this photo, there is only one person that I recognize and that is my grandmother, Clara Fitzgerald Martin Hunter.  You have to look really closely – she’s the lady underneath the canopy with the fun hat on.  It is almost like she is just standing there surveying the crowd.  And probably breathing a sign of relief that the stress was behind her.

And here is another crowd shot with Mom throwing the bouquet – looks like bridesmaid Patricia O’Farrell is ready to make the grab. 

Throwing Bouquet

There’s only a few familiar faces in this photo – my dad’s brother, Robert Levy, is in the center of this photo (with white tux jacket) and to his left, I believe, is his future wife, Patricia Davis.  And it also looks like some of the guests are enjoying that lovely cake. 

And how fun that I have a list of the guests who attended, and in their own handwriting!  Notable guests noted below each page.

Guest List 5

Mr. & Mrs. I.T. Thurber – Mrs. Thurber was Dorris Feuerstein, daughter of my grandmother’s sister, Viola Fitzgerald.

Nell Martin – older sister of my grandfather.

Mamie Burks (nee Anderson) – the half sister to my great grandmother, Frances Brooks Martin.  Frances’ father, William J. Brooks, was killed at the Battle of Fredericksburg and her mother married John Hayward Anderson in 1868.

Earle Martin and his family – Earle was my mother’s father, Verda was his second wife, Michael was their son, and Paul and Pat were Verda’s children whom Earle adopted.

Ethel and Gertrude Stubblefield – these sisters lived next door to my grandparents, Sig and Loraine Levy, as long as I can remember.  One of them was one of my father’s elementary school teachers.  Neither one of them every married.

Clara Dick (nee McAboy) – Clara was an older sister of my great grandmother, Mabel McAboy Fitzgerald. 

Guest List 4

Mr. & Mrs. A.K. Sherwin – Mrs. Sherwin was Irene Gunzendorfer.  Her father, Jacob Gunzendorfer, was the younger brother of my great grandfather, Abraham Gunzendorfer.

Lois and Marshall Peal – Lois was Al and Irene Sherwin’s daughter.

Jessie Hamilton – I know she is important but I just can’t remember how.  My mom talked about her as we were discussing genealogy but, sadly, I didn’t take notes related to Jessie.  Add that to my to-do list.

Guest List 3

Mrs. and Mrs. E.A. Hamilton are both on this page.  I wonder if they are in some way related to Jessie Hamilton.

Winifred (nee Dick) and John Hoey – Winifred was the daughter of Clara McAboy and Alexander Dick.

Malcom Bell – Malcom was married to Elizabeth Sronce, who was the daughter of Anna (Fitzgerald) and Robert Sronce.  My mother lived with Anna and Robert for several years while her parents were going through their divorce.
Helen Schwartz – I’m not sure but it seems like she could be important since her last name is Schwartz and my great grandmother’s maiden name was Schwartz. 

Robt. Sronce – there he is.  I wonder if Elizabeth Bell and Anna Sronce signed the book.

Ed Fitzgerald – my great grandfather.  His daughter was my mother’s mother, Clara Fitzgerald Martin Hunter.

Mabel (nee McAboy) Fitzgerald – my great grandmother.  These were the only two great grandparents I ever knew.

Mrs. Fred Levy - hmmmm, who is this?  Is she related in some way?

Guest List 2

Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Follett – Mrs. Follett was Loraine Feuerstein, whose mother was my grandmother’s sister, Viola Fitzgerald.

Keith Miller – a childhood friend of my dad’s.  I believe he lived on an adjoining street and was friend’s with my dad throughout their lifetimes.

Guest List 1

Gilda Levy – my dad’s cousin.  Her father was Benjamin Levy, youngest brother of my grandfather, Sig Levy.

Patricia Davis – future wife of my uncle, Robert Levy. 

Sandra Dick – flower girl and my mom’s second cousin.

Hazel & Alan Dick – Alan was the son of Clara (McAboy) and Alexander Dick and they were the hosts of the event.

Betty Ann Bell – there she is!  Betty was the daughter of Anna (Fitzgerald) and Robert Sronce.

What a treat to be able to see not just who attended the wedding but to be able to see their signatures, too!


  1. I love how Betty Ann wrote her "B"s.

  2. Lorraine Feuerstein Follett is a dear friend of mine; how I miss her!

    1. Wolf Teacher, I'd love to connect further with you. I've completely lost track of Lorraine now that my mother is gone.