Sunday, December 1, 2013

At Home

No wedding and honeymoon would be complete without writing about the first home – thankfully, my mother did just that!

At Home

At 555 Forest, Apt 3 Palo Alto, California after September 10, 1950.  Our first home – a lovely furnished apartment: Living-dining combination, kitchen, bedroom, bath & enclosed patio where we can roll the roof back and sun ourselves.  I lived here for over a month alone – but it is infinitely better with Gordon.  And then of course Fluffy (alias Snicklefritz) shares the apartment with us – or do we shared with her?!  Returned to find the place in perfect order, courtesy of Rob & Pat – with poem left behind.

I always remember that poem and thought it was such a creative thing to do. 

Welcome Home

Gerry & Gordon -

Greetings, chums!  (see dictionary)
Here are helps to keep you merry.

This note of gifts we herewith leave
Lest, questioning, you should grieve.
Now check against Pa Levy’s list
And see if anything is missed.

We’ve cleaned and dusted, scoured and mopped
And over boxes nimbly hopped,
So if love takes up your time
The windows will not lose their shine.

Word of caution we would add
So burglars cannot make you sad.
For bathroom window (don’t be shocked)
Get a handle, keep it locked!

Have fun & keep your romance bright.
We’re tired now, so good night!

Pat & Rob

I can just imagine the things they left behind.  Somewhere in the back of my brain I remember they had stocked the kitchen with essentials.

And here’s the famous Fluffy as a beautiful silver Persian kitten.  The date on the back of the photo is September, 1950 so I’d bet they got her right when they returned from the honeymoon. 


I haven’t run across any photos that I can identify as 555 Forest but here’s one courtesy of Bing.

Forest Avenue

It’s fun to think of my parents living in their very first home – I wonder if it looked like this when they came home for the first time as Man and Wife.

Gerry and Gordon at home 2

Thanks for joining me as I remembered the wedding of my parents 63 years ago.  And that’s a wrap!

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  1. Oh those matching outfits!

    I love that poem, but I love Pat and Rob even more. How sweet to feather that nest for the newlyweds and then to crank out a clever poem. The advice about the bathroom window makes an interesting little detail for the overall family history.