Sunday, July 7, 2013

Fish and Baths

What do fish and baths have in common?  I have no idea, but there were photos of both on the next page of the scrapbook.  And the best part is that the photos were loose AND labeled so I know what she was trying to show.

The rock in this picture is the only prominent thing and it is not supposed to be.  The photographer wanted to show more of the fishing boats than are seen.


There are a lot of boats.  I wonder if Loraine was the photographer and was just talking in the third person or if there was someone else snapping the photo.

This picture shows the fish drying on the trays, also the fish being washed before set out to dry.


Now I see the connection – the fish are taking a bath!

Just another picture of the fish drying in the trays.


Wow, look at all those fish!

This picture gives more of an idea of the quantity of fish that is dried at a time.  X is the shute [sic] where the buckets of fish as they are landed are sent into the cleaning shed.


Do you see the X?  I wonder how long it took to catch and clean all these fish?

And now we’re on to the baths!

Taken Saturday, Feb 17, 15 at Del Monte bathhouse just before a “dip” in the “shiny” sea.  I’m not 100% sure the word is shiny but it looks like it.

Del Monte Baths 2_27_1915

How many people have a photo of their grandmother in a bathing suit?  Boy I wish this photo was in better shape.  Grandma is the second from the left.

Taken Saturday, Feb 27, 1915 at Del Month Bathhouse

In the Baths 2_27_1915

Now they’ve added a couple of friends.  Grandma is still second from the left.  I could make a guess on who these other women are based on the yearbook photos but since it would only be a guess, I won’t.

Last but not least is this random photo which says Taken at the High School, Wednesday – Mar.”  What year, Grandma?  In hopes that a descendent of one of these women sees this, I’ll guess the person on the top left is Helen Cole Thompson and to her left is Wilhelmina L. Clark.  Grandma is on the left in the bottom row.

High School

I’m not only glad that Grandma took photos and saved them, I’m especially glad that she labeled them!


  1. Great photos! And hurray for your grandma labeling them too!

    Were these photos taken in Monterey, California?

    1. The bathhouse and high school photo were labeled in pencil and the fish ones were in green ink and were quite clear. I'm guessing she went back and wrote the information on those some time later. Yes, they were taken in Monterey, California - she grew up there and graduated from Monterey High School.

  2. Family photos that survive from one generation to the next are great & they are extra great when they are labeled!

  3. Was this a swimming team? Their bathing suits match but their caps are different. Maybe there wasn't too much choice in those days, but in my great aunt's album, the bathing suits are quite different so I know there were options.

    I didn't realize fish had to be dried. How did they keep seagulls away? Didn't it smell?????