Sunday, June 30, 2013

Class Photos

When I turned the page in the scrapbook and saw this photo, I immediately thought it was my grandmother, Loraine Gunzendorfer.  I’ve seen other photos of her from about this age and she had lovely, curly hair. 


But when I looked at the next photo, I’m thinking this might have been her brother, Wilton Gunzendorfer.  Wilton was 3 years younger than Loraine so when you look at this photo of the same child with an older girl, I’m guessing it is Wilton and Loraine, probably in about 1901-1902.  Girls wouldn’t have worn overalls in that time period, would they?  It seems likely that Loraine is in the dress and Wilton is in the coveralls.


The next pages show some class pictures.  While I don’t know for sure that these are Loraine’s classes, I can only assume that they are. 

There are sure a lot of kids here!  After searching and searching, I don’t see a child that might be Loraine.

Class 3 

Seems like there are a few possibilities in these photos.  One possibility in the photo below is the girl fourth from the right on the bottom row.

Class 1

I’ve enlarged it here – it looks like her.

Loraine Class 1

And in this photo the only girl who might be her is sitting on the chair on the far right.

Class 2

And enlarged…… Maybe?

Loraine Class 2

Thankfully, Grandma wrote on the back of the next photos to help me out!  Here is her 7th grade class from Monterey Grammar School.  Now Loraine is a little easier to pick out – she’s the one in the very center of the photo, second row from the bottom, third from the left.

7th Grade Class

And the 8th grade, Monterey Grammar School.  Again, she’s right in the middle, standing 5th from the right or left.

8th Grade Class

And here’s the sophomore class from Monterey County High School, class of 1915.  Loraine is in the second row, second from the right.

Sophomore Class

Grandma, thank you for being a packrat so you could share these with me!

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  1. It's surprising how easy it is to spot your grandmother with or without your instruction.