Sunday, April 7, 2013

Photo Gallery

Back to the scrapbook!

Grandma had a lot of memories in the scrapbook which were unmarked but the next pages were labeled well.  She even titled the page!

My Photo Gallery

There is an assortment of photos here, although I can’t identify too many of the people.  I’m not sure why she wouldn’t have liked this photo – it is beautiful and I love her stylish outfit.

Not my face

Here’s her ‘best’ friend, Hallie Hitchcock.

Hallie Hitchcock

I’ve done a little research on Hallie and found that she married Horace Read in about 1920.  Sadly, Horace died in 1930 and I haven’t been able to find out much more about Hallie.  I’d love to connect with one of her ancestors so that I can share some of these photos.

Looks like Grandma and the gang went to San Juan Canyon.

Hallie San Juan Canyon

Who was the Hollister bunch and how did she know them?

Hollister Bunch

Not here

I’m not sure why she would say she’s in the picture though not seen.  When I zoom in on the photo I don’t see her – is she hiding somewhere?

Look at those hats!  Grandma is 2nd from the right, underneath the “sh” in horseshoe.


And here’s a couple of the boys.  Elbert, on the left, was Hallie’s younger brother and a classmate at Monterey High School.


I just love this photo – they look like they’re having such fun!  I have no idea who Marion and Sis are, but I do know that Sis was not her sister since she only had a brother.


It’s so fun to see these photos and to get an idea of what life was like almost 100 years ago. 


  1. These are wonderful photos -- and how smart of her to label and leave funny comments. Love the fashions too.

    1. There are many pages that aren't labeled at all - I sure wish they were!