Sunday, April 21, 2013


One thing I’ve learned about my grandmother, Loraine Gunzendorfer, is that she had lots of friends, especially girlfriends.  And since I am preparing to spend some time with my long-time girlfriends, it seems appropriate that the next pages of the scrapbook shows Grandma with her girlfriends!  I wish I knew who these women are but I’ll just have to enjoy seeing them all together having fun.

Here’s one group – Grandma is on the right.

Group 1

And a bigger group – Grandma on the top right.

Group 2

Check out these hats – aren’t they great?  Again, Grandma on the right.

Group 3

This could  be her BFF, Hallie Hitchcock.

Who is this

Does it look like the same person?  I know these two photos are of Hallie.

Hallie Hitchcock Hallie Hitchcock
And here’s her friend, Elfie.  Sadly, I don’t know anything more about her than that.  Beautiful clothes and hat she has on – looks like she was dressed up for a special event.


And another group shot.  She’s looking down but I think Grandma is on the left this time.

Group 4

And here’s everyone all dressed up for some special occasion.  What wonderful fashions in those days.  Grandma is back to the right again in the striped coat.

Group 5

And one last photo, this time of at least one family member.  Grandma’s grandmother (my 3rd great grandmother), Fannie Goldstein Gunzendorfer, is – where else – but on the right.

Family - Fannie on right

I don’t know who the rest of the people are but I especially like the two lovebirds on the left.

See you soon, girlfriends!

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