Sunday, April 8, 2012

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy

Look what I got - OLD STUFF!  I know to many people, my husband included, this looks like a bunch of junk.  But to me it is GOLD! 

I got stuff!  Old pictures, letters, newspapers, wedding announcements, obituaries, death certificates.  STUFF!  This stuff has been in a storage unit of my mother's for more than 30 years and has just been waiting for me to find it. 

And the 1940 census is out.  And I'm finding some of my people.  I feel like I'm in genealogy heaven!

When I first opened the box I saw a picture and I immediately hoped I knew who they were.  I thought to myself that this must be four generations of women in my family.  I hoped I was right!

And then I turned the picture over ever so slowly, held my breath, and read.....

                                          THE FOUR GENERATIONS
                                             Santa Cruz       Aug 1896

                                   Grandma Steen                 Great Grandmother
                                   Grandma Schwartz           Grandmother
                                   Mama                                 Mother
                                   Baby Loraine                      Baby

Baby Loraine is my grandmother, Mildred Loraine Gunzendorfer Levy!  And her mother is Bertha Schwartz Gunzendorfer, her grandmother is Rebecca Steen Schwartz, and her great grandmother is Hannah Plotzky Steen.  So now with my own family (father, me, daughters, grandchildren), I can actually see 8 generations of my family starting with Hannah!

I feel like I've won the lottery! 


  1. Wow - you have won the lottery! What a treasure that four generation picture is!

  2. Wow! It's so unusual to find writing on the backs of photographs. Fabulous!

  3. Lucky lucky you. I can't wait to see what else you discover.

  4. How wonderful! That is so unusual to find such detailed writing on old photographs... The few in my Terwilliger Souvenir Album are glued down to within an inch of their lives!! And over 140-100 years ago - good glue, eh? Enjoy your great treasures.

    1. I have plenty of stuff glued down in my grandmother's scrapbook I'm currently going through. Quite a few items are missing, though. :-(

  5. That's a very elegant front door and steps. Was it someone's house? I love the stories found in the backgrounds.

    1. I don't know where the photo was taken - it may have been a family home. I've got some photos of the homes so I'll have to compare those photos to this photo. Thanks for mentioning that to me!