Sunday, April 22, 2012

Like mother, like daughter

It appears that autograph books were quite the rage at the turn of the century.  After finding the autograph book of  Bertha Schwartz (my great grandmother), I have now found the book of  Mildred Loraine Gunzendorfer, Bertha's daughter and my paternal grandmother.

I wonder if that was her writing on the first page.  I'm guessing it was because it looks like something an 8 year old might have written.

And I wonder what this means.  Was that someone's signature?

This page cracks me up!  Mildred Riecks wrote on Jan 25, 1905....

Dear Loraine

When you are old
And cannot see;
Pick up your specks,
And think of me.

Your school mate, Mildred Riecks

It seems that 100 years ago kids were called 'schoolmates' rather than 'classmates'.

Even little brother Wilton Gunzendorfer got into the act.  He wrote this on October 27, 1908.

There is lots of forget me not in the garden of Loraine.

And look at this - Ferdinand Gunzendorfer, Loraine's grandfather and my 2nd great grandfather, signed the book on February 25, 1904.

From your loving grandpa
To his dear grand daughter Loraine
F. Gunzendorfer

I knew that Ferdinand spoke many languages and these pages show that - just not sure what language they're in. 

Even the men had autograph books.  Next time we'll see one of those.


  1. So amazing! I sort of wish I'd kept my own autograph books. Although they're not 100 years old. LOL

  2. What a treasure! Of the two foreign language entries, I believe the first one is French (ami is friend), but no clue on the language of the last one.