Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: What is this document?

This document is wordless, at least words in English!  I have no idea what it is or where it came from but I do know this - it belonged to my grandfather, Sigmund Levy.  We were recently cleaning out an extra room and amongst all of the photos of our kids, this document emerged.  I have no recollection of how I got it or even who I got it from but I thought it was cool enough to frame.  And my husband has decided that matting and framing would be a good hobby so this was his debut project.  It turned out very nice!

A closer view shows a little more detail.

You can see his name and what you can't see is the date - 1913. 

And off to the side he even signed the document.

Isn't it odd that I have so few memories of my childhood yet I can remember this signature as clear as a bell?

Anyone have any clues about this document?  I don't care what it signifies or what it says, I LOVE IT!


  1. What a cool document! When I first saw it, my initial reaction was that it was a diploma of some kind.

  2. Using Google Translate, I put in what words I could see and it appears to be a certificate showing Sigmund Levy either joining the Masons or rising in rank within the Masons. It shows that he is 25 years old at the time and living in Fresno, California.

    You can see a lot of Masonic symbols on the certificate too - the all-seeing eye, compass and square, etc.

    If you can type all the words into Translate, it will probably be much clearer :)

    It is very cool!

  3. Debi, it looks masonic to me too - and the mention of the "Supreme Council" is a good clue along with they symbols.