Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: The McAboy girls

Clara McAboy (left) and Lilly Gay McAboy
circa 1890
Clara McAboy (1872-1960) and Lilly Gay McAboy (1867-1949) were the older sisters of my great grandmother, Mabel Viola McAboy (1883-1966) and the children of Rebecca Moriah Waller and William Warren McAboy

Thanks to my "new" cousin, Kris, for sharing this photo with me!


  1. How fun to find a "new" cousin and all the info that opens up to you!
    Great photo! I'll bet you see the resemblance in your great grandmother!

  2. They look like twins! Thanks for the comment on my Valentine's Day post. You never never what you have --until you really dig! Just found that adorable card recently!