Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sentimental Sunday: My own scanfest

It's quiet today so I took this opportunity to go through a box of things my mother has had in her garage for who knows how long.  Many years ago we found a carboard box lying open on the floor and I just knew it was filled with treasures.  Several months ago my sister boxed everything up and sent it to me and after a quick look-through, off it went to the upstairs cavern.  I found a gazillion letters that were written to and by my father when he was off in WWII, a bunch of newspaper clippings, and various other things that were just waiting to get out of that box.  So today is the day and here's a few things I've found.

My Dad - Gordon Levy
March, 1942
This is my dad when he was just 15 years old - wasn't he a cutie?

Here's his discharge papers from the Army.  I requested this information from St. Louis a year or so ago and got something back that I could barely read.  I knew this had to be around somewhere and now I've found it!

And here's Mom and Dad on vacation.  I'm guessing it was about 1960-1965.  I love seeing how happy they were!

These weren't in the box but because I'm being sentimental, I decided to scan them and add them here.

My paternal grandmother

Mildred Loraine Gunzendorfer Levy
March, 1974

My maternal grandmother

Clara Maxine Fitzgerald Martin Hunter
March, 1974

My maternal step grandfather

Sheldon Abb Hunter
March, 1974

My paternal great uncle and his wife
Wilton Louis Gunzendorfer and Natalie Traube Gunzendorfer

What fun this has been and I can't wait to read all of the letters!


  1. Enjoyed your post and I have the same type of WWII honorable discharge papers for my grandfather. I also have a huge box of items to go through for my paternal grandmother and feel fortunate that it was given to me since I've been deemed the "family historian." It's so much stuff that I was overwhelmed going through it the first time, but reading your post has encouraged me to take another look!

  2. Magnificent! I have a few photos I need to scan in -- and a whole box of things I need to find and I know there'll be even more photos to scan. Last night a friend told me that someone in his family has a b/w photo of their granddad when he was a policeman in Philadelphia -- on his horse! He thinks his sister has it, but ... I told him he just HAS to get it and scan it so that it's not lost forever. Send her back the photo itself and then send the image out to relatives in email. It'll survive better if more people have its scanned image.

    Taxes today ... and then I must look for that box!!

  3. Debi
    Your dad is a cutie at 15 -- for sure! So wonderful to see our parents so young. Discharge papers are a treasure too. and letters to come? Ooh...hope you make some great discoveries. Thanks for being such a loyal visitor to my blog. I love getting your comments.

  4. Wow! A box full of your family's history! I'm green!
    Enjoy going through everything as you scan. I'm sure you'll treasure every moment.

  5. I love old family photos. I acquired an old family photo album and have been trying to identify who's in the pictures. I know they are family from the inscription in the 19th century photo album. I've been putting these on-line for other family members of mine to see.

    Regards, Jim
    Hidden Genealogy Nuggets