Sunday, September 17, 2017

Scrapbook #3 – Comrade Sig Levy

It’s time to get back to Sig’s scrapbook – you can read the first installment of Scrapbook #3 HERE.

Several group photos on the next few pages with nothing identifying them other than the date.  Although they were glued to the page, I was able to carefully peek behind the photo to ensure there was nothing written there.  Nope.

December 23_1945

So the only notation on this was the date – December 23, 1945.  But after scanning and scanning the photo, I just couldn’t see him even though I figured he must have been in the group shot.  So I did what people of today do – I zoomed in and found him!  What was the event? 

December 23_1945 cropped

Then another from December 23, 1948 that gave me a little more information.

December 23_1948

So I wonder what’s going on here?  I went to and did a search and came up with this article from from The Fresno Bee Republican, December 22, 1948, page 13.

Student Nurses Honored Fresno Bee 12_22_1948

Okay, that makes sense as I knew Sig was involved with the nursing program.  And look – he headed the committee and was at the microphone.

December 23_1948 Sig cropped

And another photo with the nurses from December 24, 1950.  Sig is easy to pick out – I sure wish I knew who the others were.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any newspaper article about this.

December 24_1950

And then some clippings about War Dads.  I’ve looked for some information about this organization but need to research further.  Interestingly, one of my searches took me to a blog that I’d read several years ago.  While Sig didn’t note the newspaper or date, I was able to find the publication dates of these two articles.  I love the way Sig made notations to point the reader to his name – thanks, Grandpa!

Fresno Bee Republican, June 30, 1944, page 9

War Dad Leaders Fresno Bee 6_30_1944 page 9

The Fresno Bee Republican, July 10, 1944, page 7

War Dads Fresno Bee 7_10_44 page 7

And then a few stories about Comrade Sig Levy – did War Dads call their members Comrades?  I need to figure that out!  I sure hope that the readers heeded the warning to not visit him so he could get his rest.

Sig Levy ill

Huh?  A parade that turned out to be a parade?  Not sure what the surprise was.

Quadruplet celebration

This last article showed me the non political correctness of the time – it provides a window into how far we’ve come in the last 50+ years.  I thought about not sharing the article, but since it references my “crack track runner” dad I just have to include it.  So, I’ve redacted the reference to how short my grandfather was.

Fresno Post 6_15_1944 redacted

Gordon didn't get his legs from his Dad.  Hahaha!

My grandfather, Sig Levy, was a busy guy!


  1. Your grandfather was amazing. Was there anything he was not invovled with in Fresno? He was rightfully proud of his contributions to the community.

    1. I never understood just how much he was involved in. My dad was just like him, although he tried to slow down after his heart attack at age 51.