Sunday, August 13, 2017

Scrapbook #3 – Sig Levy

Time to move on to Scrapbook #3, the next of Sig’s scrapbooks.  I love that he scrapbooked so diligently, especially when he added interesting photos and newspaper articles.  So he started this scrapbook here.

Sig Levy

No question who the scrapbook belongs to and in his own handwriting, he confirmed his date of birth.  I really like this photo of him.

A few other photos on the first page – a couple of which are ones I’ve seen before.  No telling if he added these to the scrapbook because they were his favorite photos or maybe he just had extras.

Sig Kneeling back of house

Sig on phone

This might not have been one of Sig’s favorite photos but it sure is one of mine.  He looks cool as a cucumber as he walks down the street.

Sig Whistling

And then came the newspaper articles.  Interesting to see that the population of Tokyo wasn’t all that much different than it is today.  But North Korea, a country top of mind right now, has gone from a population of 10,089,000 at the end of 1960 to 25.37 million in 2016.

Tokyo Population 1961

Boy have things changed at Coca Cola!  Revenue in 1961 was $500 million compared to $9.702 billion in 2017.

Coca Cola 10_11_1961

I don’t know much about the Sciots organization and nothing about D.A. Deeter, but it was interesting enough in 1961 for Sig to add it to his scrapbook.  Although I will admit that Sig found pretty much everything interesting enough to add to his scrapbook.  Maybe one of Mr. Deeter’s descendants will find my blog.

Sciots Install D A Deeter Fresno Bee 10_22_1961

And, of course, no scrapbook would be complete without some articles about Sig.  I love hearing about his 50th high school reunion – I probably shouldn’t admit that mine is just five short years away.

1906 Fresno High reunion

There were only 16 people attending?  Although that’s a pretty good turnout for a class with only 31 of 46 graduates still living.  I don’t recognize any of the names mentioned.

Fresno High Reunion 1956

And look – an article with a photo!

Realtors Honored Fresno Bee 10_26_1962

REALTORS HONORED.  C.S. (Doc) Colhouse, past president of the Fresno Realty Board, gives certificates designating these real estate men as honorary presidents.  Left to right, O.S. Fassett, who joined the board in 1922, George Peterson, 1920, and Sigmund Levy, 1912.

No, Sig is not sitting down nor are the others standing on steps. 

And once again he is the proud dad of Robert Levy, my dad’s only sibling.

Rob Levy Separator LA Times 8_1_1955

Come back next time for more from Scrapbook #3.


  1. Those statistics about North Korea are very telling. First the population doubled from five to ten million and now it's two and half times that---all on the same land.

    Wonderful photos of Sig, and he sure must have been a fun person to have around! The official roaster of his reunion!!

    1. My recollection is that everyone loved him. I wish I'd appreciated him more but kids don't think like that.