Sunday, July 16, 2017

Scrapbook #2 – This and That

As we come to the close of the scrapbook (one more page to go), there were several miscellaneous articles and photos of interest.

Sig Levy Bros

I don’t remember the specific office building but the Levy Bros. logo will be etched in my mind for the rest of my life.  I always thought it was cool to have a business with my last name.  This photo of Sig is marked February, 1952 – he looks pretty dapper all dressed up and ready for work.

After the death of his last brother, Ben, on March 4, 1965, Levy Bros. was dissolved and Sig went to the office next door, Pearson Realty, to finish out his career.

Pearson Realty

While the date was not included with the article in the scrapbook, I was able to find it electronically – this is from the Fresno Bee Republican, April 1, 1965.

This article from the Fresno Bee Republican, April 4, 1965, was not included in the scrapbook but I found it interesting and tells a bit more of the story.

Levy Bros firm closes Apr 4 1965 Fresno Bee Republican

The real estate and insurance business was in the family’s blood.  Sig’s oldest brother, Herb, had his son, Herb Jr., follow him into the business.  I don’t know the complete story but I know that at some point, this caused a disagreement between the brothers which, ultimately, led to them parting ways.

I belive this article was from February-March, 1965 – most likely also from The Fresno Bee Republican.

Herb Levy

One last photo really hit home – this photo of Sig’s father, and my great grandfather, Herman Levy.  Years ago I blogged about him HERE and was so pleased to finally determine the identify of the mystery photo I had.  And now I have confirmation again.

Our Dad Herman Levy

I can’t help but think about Sig cutting the photo out in order for it to fit in the scrapbook but I’m sure glad he did!


  1. How wonderful to have a photo of your great-grandfather. And I hope that your father and uncle ultimately made peace.

    1. It was my grandfather and his brother but, sadly, they never did make peace. Although his grandson and I have connected so a new generation has worked it out.

  2. Of course, I missed a generation there. And sadly every family has its miseries. I know mine does. Glad you and your cousin were able to connect.