Sunday, July 23, 2017

Scrapbook #2 – One Proud Dad

One thing I know about my grandfather, Sig Levy, is that he he was so proud of both of his sons.  Oh, I know he was proud of his grandkids, too, but since we were just in our teens when he died, he was never able to know us as adults.

I’ve come to the last page of the scrapbook (with many, many more books to go) and it makes my heart full to see it filled with newspaper articles about Sig’s oldest son, and my uncle, Robert Levy.

Rob and Pat Honeymoon

I’d seen this article from the Fresno Bee Republican, February 21, 1952 on but here it is again glued in Sig’s scrapbook.  It’s always fun to read about weddings and honeymoons!

Rob Research Grant 9_17_1958

I love that Sig, apparently, typed the name and date of the paper – little did he know that it would be important all these years later.

I always thought it was so cool that Rob was a biochemist.  I’m not sure I even completely understand what exactly it is but it seemed so mysterious and important.

Professors Receive Research Aid_Courier Journal Louisville

I know this came from the Louisville Courier Journal but I don’t know the exact date.  I would guess it to be very near the above article so maybe some time in February, 1958.  Thanks to a reader's comments, I've learned that this was published on August 26, 1958 on page 3.

This last article was too large to mount in the scrapbook and difficult to scan so I put it in two parts.  Thankfully, the date and publication was left intact – The Fresno Bee, July 20, 1966.

Rob Fresno Bee_7_20_1966

Boy he looks like my dad here!  And here’s part 2.

Rob Fresno Bee_7_20_1966 Part 2

I’ve run across research that Rob published throughout the years but that will be for a later post.

And that’s the end of Scrapbook #2.  Onward!


  1. Your uncle sounds like a special man.

  2. I have a subscription to Publisher Extra (so I can see certain newspapers after 1923, including the Louisville Courier-Journal). I found that the article about 3 U of L Biochemistry Professors was from page 3 of the August 26, 1958 issue.

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth - I'll add that to the original post.

  3. Robert was a man with vision.