Sunday, June 25, 2017

Scrapbook #2 – Fresno’s Yesterdays

The next pages of the scrapbook are filled with random articles – I especially love the ones that take us back to years gone by.

Forty Years Ago Mandolin Club

Interesting to see that both Sig and his brother, Herb, attended the convention together.  The two had a falling out later in life and by the time this story ran in the paper, I’m quite sure they didn’t speak to each other.

Forty Years Ago Sig Return to Fresno

I’m not sure that Sig ever lived in Oakland but this could be a clue.  He graduated from Fresno High School in March, 1906 and in 1907 was working for the Fresno Republican so this must have originally been somewhere in between there.  So if that’s the case, this article would have been from 1946-1947.

Forty Years Ago Sig Tennis
I wish I knew the date on this.  But I’m guessing it was in the late 1940’s to early 1950’s.  I knew Sig played tennis as he talked about it in the letters he wrote to my grandmother.  Plus, I have a few of his tennis rackets and even have this wonderful photo of him.
Sig Tennis

Times (and tennis clothes) sure have changed!

Forty Years Ago Postal Card Day 4_6_1950

Once again, Sig was promoting Raisin Day!

Forty Years Ago 4_20_1956

Oh look at that – a memory of Sig visiting the James Jeffries training camp.  I wrote about that HERE.  The paragraph above is interesting – a walking stick made from an oak rafter which was in the log cabin where Mark Twain was born.  Which reminds me of my childhood friend, Mary, who was told that Mark Twain was her 6th cousin.  And since Mary and I were blood sisters (remember doing that?), that would make Mark Twain my 6th blood cousin.

Fifty Years Ago May_25_1957

More tennis events!

Page 1 Forty Years Ago

Looks like Sig was the editor of the Fresno High School Owl in 1906. 

Page 1 Fresnos Yesterdays Jan 26 1946

I’m not exactly sure what an “advertising cut” is but this might need some further research.  A copyright?  And who was E.A. Berg?

Page 1 Fresno Yesterdays Mar 22 1932

And a few miscellaneous articles.

Madera News Jan_25_1949

Sig didn’t limit himself to just Fresno – he promoted Madera, as well.  And he had something to do with the first delivery of air mail in the nation between Fresno and Madera in 1912.

He even wrote to the Editor of the Madera Daily News in 1949.  That’s one way to get your name in the newspaper!

Letter to Editor Jan_28_1949


  1. One of the articles references Sarah McCardle, the head of the Fresno County library. She retired in 1945, so that article was probably from the early to mid 1940s.

  2. Sig got around! That sure kept your grandmother busy with her scissors.

    1. I wish someone had been busy with their pen marking the dates.

  3. I love that tennis outfit! I wonder if you can find that article on one of the newspaper databases to determine the date.

    1. I've found a ton of things on but none of these.

    2. I checked on, and they do have articles from the Fresno Bee, but the most recent one that mentioned tennis and Sig Levy was in 1936. He certainly was in the paper a lot!