Sunday, July 19, 2015

Family Photos - 1958

I continue to go through photos, albums, and other family items in order to document things for future generations.  Next up, a family photo album that was stashed away in my parents’ home.  To start from the beginning, click here.

1958 was a big year in our family as it was the year we moved into a new house.  Who knew it would be my parents’ home until 2013?  I’m sure Mom & Dad loved getting settled in their new home and making friends with the neighbors, many of whom are still friends of ours today.  The next few pages of the photo album, though, show that it wasn’t all about the new house that year.

My sister started 1st grade at Schallenberger Elementary.

Page 14 - Cary 1st grade
Cary – 1st grader

When I was at Mom’s house in 2013, I took a nostalgic walk through the neighborhood and ended up at the elementary school where we spent so much time.  It looks much different today but it’s nice that it hasn’t been leveled to make way for something else.  The classroom on the left was my 6th grade classroom with Mrs Long as my teacher. 

Schallenberger Elementary
Schallenberger Elementary Classroom

And here we were posing in front of the new house.  And in our fancy dresses and patent leather shoes, no less!

Page 14 - Cary_Debi 1958
Big Sister and Me

I’ll remember that front door and entry way for the rest of my life.  The best part was when you entered the front door the entry way had cool (at least for the 1950’s) rock on the floor which enabled us to use our imagination.  Imagine playing hopscotch inside for hours!  Use your imagination and see if you can see the hopscotch squares in the rock.

Do you see it?
With your left foot – 1, 2, 3….then 4 and 5 with both feet.
You really have to use your imagination after that.

And then a couple of random shots with Dad’s comments.

Page 14 - Whee 1958
Wheeee….(that’s me)

Page 14 - Cary on the trigger again 1958
Cary on the trigger again
Me, Mom, Dad - 1958

Not sure where this might be.  Anyone know?

Page 14 - Sober Sides 1958
Sober Sides

It doesn’t look like big sister was quite so sober.

Page 15 - Cary Fall 1958
I love the little coat I have on in this picture.  Wonder what we were thinking about?

Page 15 - Thinkers 1958

Oh no!  Now my sister has started wearing ‘pearls’!  What 6 year old wears ‘pearls’ to the zoo or park? 

Page 15 - Animal Lovers 1958
Animal Lovers

Page 15 - Cary 1958

And the last one is a group shot – something we didn’t see too often as my dad was always the one taking the photos.

Page 15 - What a crew 1958
What a crew

This looks like the den/TV room at my grandparents’ house in Fresno, which would make sense that one of them took the photo.  I remember when the old black and white TV was replaced with a new color TV – boy, that was a huge step up!


  1. Pearls? I bet Big Sis was wearing Pop Beads. Do you remember those? I had white ones and dark pink ones. It's a wonder we didn't choke to death pulling them apart with our teeth. I'm sure they'd never be approved today.
    I see the hopscotch - how cool. No need for chalk.
    And I just love the 1950s style dresses and shoes for little girls.

    1. I know they weren't pearls but it's funny that she was trying to be like the adults! I don't remember pop beads specifically but I remember lots of costume jewelry beads - I probably still have some. Yes, I have a bit of the packrat gene.

  2. I always love your photos and comments. They remind me of the years of my childhood.

  3. Deb, your photographs are delightful. I remember wearing dresses that looked much the same. I had three brothers so I was the only one my Mom had to put in pretty dresses & she did!

  4. Hi Debi. You posted that you wanted to connect. My email is I look forward to hearing from you!
    Bart Triesch
    Camano Island WA