Sunday, June 7, 2015

Family Photos – Hanging Around

I continue to go through photos, albums, and other family items in order to document things for future generations.  Next up, a family photo album that was stashed away in my parents’ home.  To start from the beginning, click here.

Next page includes our grandparents – we spent a lot of time with them when we visited Fresno.

Page 8 - Dig in Sig 1957
Dig in, Sig

This picture of my grandfather, Sigmund Levy, is just how I remember him – a little mischievous and quite a character.  That’s my sister sitting with him and looking like she’s thinking about digging in, too.

Page 8 - Dinner at the chicken farm
Dinner at the chicken farm – 1957
Sheldon Hunter, me, Clara Fitzgerald Martin Hunter (standing), Loraine Gunzendorfer Levy, Geraldine Martin Levy, Sig Levy, Sister Cary

I guess that empty spot would have been for Clara and my dad.  When I posted this photo before a fellow blogger commented about the pearls my mother and grandmother were wearing – can you even imagine that attire today?  We had a BBQ last night and we were all in shorts and t-shirts – no pearls in attendance!

The next two photos are fun – not only the photos but it looks like my sister wrote on the back so we’d know who it was.  Good thinking!

Page 8 - Our Mother
Our Mother

Page 8 - Our Mother back

Looks like she had no intention of sharing her mother with me!

Page 8 - The tall and short of it 1957
The tall & short of it

What’s really interesting about this photo is that my dad wasn’t very tall – maybe 5’9” on a good day.  I always knew my grandfather was short but he was REALLY short. 

And my sister wrote on the back of this one, too.

Page 8 - The tall and short of it back

Next up – random photos of cute little girls.

Page 9 - Oh, so sweet
Oh, so sweet

I wonder if he meant the girls or the goat was sweet.

Page 9 - Carys 1st school picture 1957
Cary’s 1st school picture

Now this is definitely one of the sweetest faces ever!  I was able to spend the day with my sister last weekend – she hasn’t changed a bit!

Page 9 - Grandmother back from Hawaii
Grandmother back from Hawaii

My grandparents did like to go to Hawaii.  They always took a cruise and as this picture shows, Grandma was always dressed to the 9’s.

Page 9 - Cotton what
Cotton what?

I always loved cotton candy but what a mess!  I can just imagine what our faces looked like when we were done eating this mound of sugar.

Page 9 - Cary on the shutter
Cary on the shutter

No selfies necessary when there was a big sister to take the photos!

Page 9 - Cary
No caption for this photo but I know it was 1957 and I know it’s my sister.  What I don’t know is where this dog came from as it wasn’t one of ours.  Maybe she was doing her best to look cute while she begged for a puppy?


  1. At least someone in the family knew the importance of labeling photos! The puppy looks exactly like my daughter's family's brand new puppy named Hank.

  2. Such sweet photographs! I loved your comment about pearls (and dresses!) at the barbecue. So true.... Thank goodness times have changed!