Sunday, January 26, 2014

Earle, Earle, Earle

Earle must have been an important person in my grandmother’s life as she was growing up.  Who was he?  What happened to him?  Grandma referred to him over and over in her scrapbook but the next page really tells me just how important he was to her.

Senior Ball Dance Card

Senior Ball

Look at that – this was the first dance she went to with Earle on May 23, 1913.  And she even told me that she had a swell time!  It’s a little hard to read the names on the dance card but it looks like she danced the Grand March, two Waltzes, and an ‘Extra’ Dance, with Earle.

And just two short weeks later, she went to another dance with Earle – the Alumni Dance which was held on June 7, 1913.  And this time she danced 4 dances with Earle plus had supper with him.  Is a ‘pretty good time’ better than a swell time?

Alumni Dance Card Alumni Dance

And then another dance in July, 1918.  Isn’t this little bag cute?  If you look closely you can see a postmark at the bottom of the bag – did they mail it like this?  Again, she went with Earle and had a ‘pretty good time’.  Grandma, thanks for filling me in on the details!

Bag Dance

It’s hard to read on the dance card but it looks like Earle was her partner for three dances.

I think the next dance was December 31, 1913.

New Year's Dance

Oooh, now we’re up to a ‘fine time’!  And check out the little pencils that are attached to the leaf dance card – a girl always needs to be prepared with a pencil!  Unfortunately, the pencil didn’t show up too well on the dark red paper but it looks like she might have danced a few with Earle.

And then I think one dance card must be missing because there was this next to an empty spot.

Last Dance

A ‘fine time’ again but why was it the last dance she went to with Earle?  And just who was Earle, anyway?  Were they an ‘item’ and broke up after this dance?  Oh, Grandma, there is so much I’d like to ask you. 

Come back next time as I turn the page – we might find out who Earle is!


  1. The meaning of "Pretty good time" depends on the inflection of the voice. She could have meant "well it was just ok, not terrible" or "darn good." But since Earle stayed in the picture, I'd guess it was positive, maybe hopeful that things were getting even better between them. Waltzing surely helped -- that's a much closer dance than some of the others. Alright, let's turn that page -- can't wait to learn about ol' Earle.

    1. Don't get too excited, Wendy. Although I have a lot of theories, I don't know too much about Earle. Yet.

  2. Your grandmother kept such a lot of fun things in her scrapbook!

  3. Hmmm... intriguing!! Earle must have been quite a dancer! I hope you can solve the mystery. My grandmother cut a whole summer out of her diary from when she was young and single, and to this day it drives me crazy wondering what she did that she didn't want anyone else to know about! Looking forward to hearing what you find out.