Sunday, January 12, 2014

More Invites

The next pages of Grandma’s scrapbook are filled with invites and dance cards proving once again that my grandmother, Loraine Gunzendorfer, liked to socialize.  My dad was just like that – he hated sitting at home and always wanted to “be where the people are”.  Guess he got that from his mother!

Middy Description

She writes a lot about Earle.  There was a young man in her class named J. Meryl Pugh – wonder how Earle and Meryl were related?  Or were they the same person?

I love how the envelope is just addressed to Monterey, California.  Although since there is no postmark, it was probably hand delivered.

Middy Envelope

Middy Invitation

You are cordially invited to attend the Middy _____? Dance given by the + x girls April 18th, 8:30.  Civic Club – Pacific Grove.  Ladies $1.00  R.S.V.P. Geneva Marcellus, Helen Allan, committee

I wonder what or who the + x girls were?  And $1.00 for the ladies – wonder what it cost for the men?  Maybe they had separate invitations for ladies and men?

And here’s another event in Pacific Grove:

Pacific Grove Hotel

Bid to a dance in P.G.  Sent my acceptance but did not go as was in Hollister.

Yikes!  She said she was going to attend and then didn’t?  That seems so out of character for my grandmother as she always seemed to be worried about doing the right thing socially.  What was so important in Hollister that caused her to give up a dance?

What beautiful handwriting on this invitation.

Alpha Nu

Glad they confirmed there would be dancing!  Grandma left no description about this dance so I have no way of knowing if she actually attended.

And the next page said “Earle sent me these from San Luis”.  Okay, does that mean that Earle lived in San Luis Obispo?  Maybe he was a cousin or something of J. Meryl Pugh?  And who is this in the picture – is that Earle?  And who is the young lady he was with?  It almost looks like she’s wearing a wedding dress.  Sadly, I doubt I’ll ever know the answers.

From Earle

And then there’s this postcard which someone mailed to Grandma with this on the back.

Picture of our colonial ball given by the Director’s wife last Friday.  Earle – chums – friends.

Colonial Ball

I scoured and scoured this photo looking for Grandma and I can’t see her.  So why would Earle send her a photo? 

So many questions and the more I look at this scrapbook, the more I have!


  1. I think it says Middy Blouse Dance. Wonder what that meant??

    Could Earle and Meryl have been twins?

    1. Oooh, I wonder if all of the girls wore middy blouses? Remember those?

    2. If so, it sounds like it was a very casual evening, no need for the guys to buy their dates a corsage.