Sunday, September 30, 2012

Grandma as Assistant Editor

Next page of the scrap book - Loraine Gunzendorfer was named the Assistant Editor of  El Susurro, the annual publication of Monterey High School.

Susurro:  whisper, murmur, or rustle

One of my first genealogical purchases several years ago was a copy of the 1915 El Susurro, so I took this opportunity to dust it off and look through it again.

El Susurro - 1915

This is not an original copy but was reprinted when I ordered it.  I sure wish I'd come across Grandma's original but this will do.

Here's the list of staff members, just like the newspaper article told us.

And the senior class of 1915.

Hallie Agnes Hitchcock, Helen Cole Thompson, Mildred Loraine Gunzendorfer
Howard Hatton, Maude Sophia Scudder, Lois F. Walter
John Elbert Hitchcock, Louis G. Vierra
Clayton Philip Salterbach, Alta Irene Lyons, Karl Dayton Klaumann
Wilhelmina L. Clark, Mary Pittman Salterbach, Grace Layton
J. Meyrl Pugh, R. Deane Smith

And some candid shots.  I think that might be Grandma highlighted in the center picture.

The freshmen even had a photo - what a large class!  Somewhere in this photo is my grandmother's younger brother, Wilton Gunzendorfer. 

I'm surprised he shows up in this class since they were only three years apart in age but he was clearly in this class as the write up said:  We entered High School with a class of forty. At our first meeting Wilton Gunzendorfer was chosen president; Grace Klaumann, vice-president, and Vincent Enea, secretary-treasurer.

And Uncle Wilt was on the 120 lb. basketball team!  I think he might be the young man holding the basketball - doesn't that ball look larger than the basketballs used today?

Line-up:  Forwards - E. McGowan, W. McGowan, W. Gunzendorfer; center - Pugh;
guards - J. Carton and H. Coleman.  H. Pickles, substitute

The seniors gave some advice to the underclassmen.

I wonder if little brother Wilton had trouble staying quiet during school because Howard Hatton wanted to advise Wilton Gunzendorfer to remember that "silence is golden" and practice it in future Student Body meetings.

And it looks like Loraine's heart might have been broken during high school since she wanted to advise all the girls to never allow their hearts to "go adrift."

Monterey High School moved into a new building about this time.

One of the entries in the publication says February 12th, we formally opened the new High School building.  Mr. Martin opened the program with a few remarks, turning the building over to us.  A musical program by members of the school was greatly enjoyed by our visitors, some of whome were quite distinguished.  Remarks were made by Professor Bentley, of Stanford; Professor Rugh, of the University of California; Mr. B.F. Wright, Mr. B.M. Carner, Mr. Schultzger, Mr. Kilkenny, Mr. Bromwell and Mr. Angelo Oliver.  The response for the school was given by Mr. Elbert Hitchcock.

There is so much in this book that helps give me a glimpse of what life was like as a high schooler in the early 1900's. 


  1. I know you're enjoying this purchase. I have my mother's high school and college yearbooks as well as college yearbooks belonging to two great-aunts. I learn something new every time I look through them.

    1. You're right, Wendy. I didn't even notice the reference to Wilton in the freshman class until I looked at the book again yesterday.

  2. Just love those senior class photos. This is a treasure.

    1. Definitely, Colleen! I feel so fortunate to have all of this information right at my fingertips.