Sunday, October 7, 2012

Grandma Gets Engaged

When I started blogging about Loraine Gunzendorfer's scrapbook, I swore to myself that my posts would stay in the order that I found them and I wouldn't skip ahead.  Unfortunately, Grandma didn't pay attention and here's where things get out of chronological order.  But I've decided to just keep with my original plan and will post things as I find them.

Sometime in late October, Sig Levy "popped" the question to Loraine and she said yes!  In my off time I've been transcribing letters between Sig and Loraine as they courted beginning in 1917.  What I've learned about my grandmother is that there were many times when she worried about never finding a man and living happily ever, but things seemed to have changed when she met Sig.  I've learned through the letters that they were quite secretive about their relationship and even though their families were intertwined by cousins marrying each other, they still kept their romance relatively quiet.

Until they became engaged.......

Miss Loraine Gunzendorfer
Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A.B. Gunzendorfer, of Monterey,
whose bethrothal to Sigmund Levy is an interesting, recent

Interesting recent announcement?  I guess it was interesting since it was a surprise to so many people but I wonder if there was something else behind that word.

Several times I've found various newspaper articles with a photo included and then I find the original photo in my collection - this time was no exception!

My family loved to clip newspaper articles and we've found numerous scrapbooks with clippings in them.  In this case, I'm sure glad she saved these articles and in some cases, even noted the date and the paper it came from.  Thanks, Grandma!

The Fresno Morning Republican
Wednesday, November 6, 1918

There's that word interesting again. 

Monterey, Monterey County, California
Saturday Evening, November 9, 1918
Sunday, November 10, 1918

And then there was this.....

I'm sure Grandma was just like any young girl about to be married and dreamt about her new calling card that would say Mrs. Sigmund Levy.

Once the engagement was formally announced, congratulations started pouring in from their many friends.  Next time I'll share some of the special congratulations!


  1. I just love this photo of her. So beautiful!

  2. Ah, Debi, your grandmother is so beautiful. You mentioned that she was worried about not getting married. How old was she when she married?

    1. She had just turned 23 when she was married - not like she was anywhere close to being an "old maid" :-)

  3. You do have to wonder what made this announcement so "interesting." Maybe it was something to do with Sig.

    1. The fact that they were "related" might have had something to do with it, although I'm finding that wasn't uncommon in those days, at least in the Jewish community.