Sunday, July 1, 2012

And now Dad graduates!

This is my dad's scrapbook, which looks to be from his senior year at Fresno High School.  My family sure loved to keep scrapbooks - who knew I'd be looking through them 60-160 years later.  Since I've been on a graduation theme, I'll start there and save some other parts of the scrapbook for another time.

Here's the first page.  So nice that he attached his card with his name on it so there was no question as to who it belonged to.

And then this picture of him with my mom, Geraldine Martin.  Mom graduated two years behind him so her friends must have been quite envious that she was dating an upperclassman.

My dad was very active in student government, journalism, and track.  I thought this program for the Senate Banquet was interesting because it showed a picture of the front of the school.  Not only was my dad involved that year, but one of the speakers at this banquet was his uncle, Herbert Levy, class of 1900.

Of course there were invitations to the commencement exercises and my dad mailed a special one to my mom.

Here's the school again

And, of course, you needed a ticket to get in to the big event!

Dad was the Valedictorian of his class - wish I could find a copy of that speech.  I've found other speeches but haven't come across this one yet.

Two years later Mom graduated from Fresno High School and while I haven't found her scrapbook, I did find a congratulations note from one very smitten young man.

I love taking a trip back in time to see what was important for people then.  And it's especially fun when it's one of my parents!


  1. Love this post! You must be having so much fun looking through these old scrapbooks. I have a couple of my mother's. One of these days I'll have to scan a few pages and blog about her school days in the 1950's.

  2. Great post! And that's a very handsome scrapbook.