Sunday, May 6, 2018

52 Ancestors: Close Up

This week’s prompt was puzzling to me at first – close up?  What did that mean?  I read some comments from other bloggers and ideas starting swirling in my head.  I could look close up at the quilts my great grandmother and her mother made which are safely tucked away.  Or, I could take a closer look at the small tuxedo that surely belonged to my grandfather.  But as I rummaged around the storage closet, I came across this.

This was too good to pass up – the box of memories from our wedding in 1974.  Had I really kept this stuff - I needed to take a closer look!

Of course, I had to start with the invitation.  Remember, I was just 19 and this was the mid 70’s when daisies seemed to be quite popular.  I remember there was quite a bit of ‘drama’ because I’d failed to mention the groom’s father who, by then, had remarried.


There were some really cute little response cards included with each invitation.  I remember being so excited to get the mail and find a card in the stack the mail carrier delivered.  Of course I had to keep the entire box (why keep just one – 50 would be much better) and even found a few stamps included.

I must have spent quite a bit of time planning for the special event.

And then came the shower.  Or maybe it was more than one?  I kept the decorations which were brilliantly made by Hallmark and even had matching napkins.

I went through a few of the cards – most of them had a small square of wrapping paper included which, I assume, was cut out from the paper the corresponding gift was wrapped in. 

And then came the big day.  All of the gift cards were inside the box. 

There must have been a shortage of card designs because we received 5 of the same card.  What’s especially humorous is that one of these was from my husband’s father and step-mother, one from his paternal grandmother, and one from her sister – they all shopped at the same place!

So many of the attendees are no longer with us – not just the older generations but many of our high school friends. 

There were a few very special notes.  Here’s one from my favorite uncle (shhh, don’t tell anyone he was my only uncle), my dad’s brother, Rob.  I love his referencee of a cozy heart.

Rob Levy Envelope
Rob Levy Letter

And, of course, a very special card from my grandmother, Loraine (Gunzendorfer) Levy.  Grandma gave us the generous gift of a trip to Honolulu for our honeymoon – not bad for two young kids!

Card from Loraine frontCard from Loraine inside

And inside the card was another note.

Note from Loraine frontNote from Loraine inside

I laughed at her grandmotherly advice to put the check into traveler’s checks (are those even used anymore?) so I wouldn’t lose it.  And I laughed again when I found I had done just that.  No surprise that the wallet was empty!

We still laugh at some of the events of the day – the hair dresser who did my sister’s and my hair thinking we were going to the senior ball and the groom ‘forgetting’ to pick up my brother on the way to the event.  But it all worked out.  Unfortunately, these two memories have seen better days and I really am not sure what they even are – maybe the bells were on top of the cake?

And the book of wedding guests is priceless – so many names that probably didn’t mean much to me at the time but now from my research, I see so many familiar names.

I found so many honeymoon memories – why did I save our boarding passes from the plane? 

This was fun to see.

So nice that the hotel provided this waterproof utility bag and if they hadn’t told me it was “yours for the taking”, I might have left it behind.  But it was perfect to wrap the glasses we brought home with us.

What is that it is wrapped in?  Is that decorative toilet paper?  I do remember feeling quite adult since the drinking age was 18 in Hawaii so we were able to order drinks in the restaurant.  I guess it made such an impression that I decided to bring the glasses home.

While I was tempted to just toss everything once I’d gone through it, I remembered how exciting it was to find the wedding invitation for my great grandparents so I boxed up a few things and hope that, one day, my grandkids and their descendants will have a good laugh looking at these things.

Boy were we YOUNG!

Ron Debi wedding


  1. You definitely look like a couple of kids playing dress-up!

    We got married in 1975 but had a very tiny wedding and no reception. I still hate wedding receptions so didn't want one of my own!

    1. If I had it to do over again, I would definitely just have the two of us on a beach with shorts on!

  2. I laughed to see the wrapping paper taped to the cards---I've never seen that before, but knowing about those family scrapbooks, I thought---Yep, there's something in the DNA. Somewhere (where??) I hope I also kept all the invitation, response cards, and gift cards. Thanks for sharing. And that photo is just precious---you were really teenagers!

    1. I wouldn't have thought I'd ever seen it before, either, except I guess I have since I did it. LOL!

  3. I should drag out MY wedding and reception memorabilia. Plastic swizzle sticks with our names and wedding date. Napkins with out names and date. Dried up roses from the corsage I wore "going away." Program. Invitation and thank-you notes. I don't remember asking people to RSVP. No honeymoon souvenirs. I have my guest book but I don't think I saved cards. I love Uncle Rob's letter. Didn't write those funny things in that summer vacation scrapbook? Here he is again writing little funny things.

    1. Uncle Rob always had a joke to tell - most of the time they weren't all that funny, though. LOL!

  4. My husband & I are approaching our 40th anniversary & I have been looking at our memorabilia from that day. We have a box of match books with our names on & wedding bells. Everyone gave those out then. I guess it was because of all the people who smoked, although we never did. We have the little basket that sat on our cake with fresh flowers in it. We will use the same basket (with new flowers) on our anniversary cake. Thanks for sharing your memories!

    1. It's fun to look back at the things we kept. My grandfather had a huge match book collection - he'd pick one up every where he went. I started to do the same but boy, they are hard to find now.

  5. What lovely memories & photos! Thank you for sharing. We just celebrated 25 years last month, but we eloped :)

    1. I have weddings on the brain today after watching the Royal Wedding. Makes my wedding seem very small and intimate in comparison. :-)