Saturday, May 20, 2017

Scrapbook #2 – The Red Cross

I’d always heard that my grandfather, Sigmund Levy, was involved with the Red Cross and this scrapbook just seals the deal.

There are pages and pages of typed letters to Sig thanking him for one thing or another.  Here is just a sample.

They are all glued to the page and since there doesn’t seem to be anything too earth shattering, I decided I’d just scan the one loose letter.

Red Cross Letter 14 Feb 1947

February 14, 1947

Dear Mr. Levy:

Thank you for sending us the clippings and transcriptions of Mr. O’Connor’s talk and of the train wreck.  They are especially interesting to us here in Public Information.  Our Disaster Service has also been having everyone hear these descriptions of Red Cross Disaster activities.

We shall inform you of any further uses we make of these transcriptions which will be returned to your chapter after we have covered all possible use of them

We took your suggestion and wrote to Miss Frances Quinn at KFRE.  A copy of that thank you letter is enclosed.

North Baker
Office of Public Information

From I found a short synopsis of the train disaster.
February 4.  Four persons were killed and 64 injured when Southern Pacific's "San Joaquin Daylight" streamliner smashed into an oil truck that was crossing the tracks ahead of the train at Kingsburg, California. The collision spewed burning fuel over the locomotive (killing the engineer and fireman) and ten passenger cars.
I swear I’ve seen something about this in one of the boxes I have – was it a photo, a different article, or what?  I need to do some digging in those boxes!

And, of course, there were clippings from other activities.

This from the Fresno Bee, Sunday, April 23, 1944.

Page 2 Bond Drive Photo

Hmmm, each man in the picture has a title but Sig has none. 

Page 2 Bond Drive Fresno Bee 23 Apr 1944

Here it looks like he’s an author.

Page 2 Fresno Marching Forward

And a few others.

Page 2 Sig Levy Quits Post Feb 1 1947

Something doesn’t make sense.  Someone (probably Sig?) wrote that this article was published on February 1, 1947.  But, the story mentions the Southern Pacific streamliner wreck on Tuesday.  The information from stated the accident occurred on Feburary 4.  Now that I see February 4, 1947 was, in fact, a Tuesday I think the date above must be wrong.

Page 2 Mardi Gras Show

This letter is interesting – champagne for sick soldiers?

Page 2 Air Corps Letter


  1. Champagne for sick soldiers?? I guess they deserved home pampering.

  2. What a good citizen he was! And yeah---what's with the champagne for sick soldiers??? That merits investigation!

  3. Well how 'bout this - I googled "champagne for sick soldiers" and found an article from the San Francisco Chronicle dated 07 Jan 1899. I need to dive deeper into this!