Sunday, August 7, 2016

Hello Neighbor Excursion

I ran across another random photo today.

Interesting group photo – wonder who all these folks are?  Here’s my grandfather’s note on the back.

Hello Neighbor Excursion
Promoted by Fresno Republican
Sig Levy in charge
to create good relations with our valley cities
Away back about 1914
Fresno’s most prominent citizens aboard
So who would the most prominent citizens have been in 1914-1915?

There are some other notes on the back of the photo that lead me to think that this was used for some sort of “rememberance” because the date Jan 27, 1967 is stamped on the back.

I didn’t find too much information about it but I did find an article from the San Francisco Chronicle, 20 Oct 1915:

So my grandfather was a year or two off but it sounds like this is it.  And the photo shows Santa Fe, too!

Of course the first thing I did was scour the group looking for my grandfather – he’s not too difficult to pick out of a crowd since he was so short.  Here’s a close up – can you guess which one he is?

If you guessed the man 5th from the right, you win!  And no, I’m quite sure the other men were not standing on a step. 

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  1. Great photo! Some of those men are standing on a riser or something, aren't they?? Those men on the left couldn't be THAT much shorter than the men in the center, could they?