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The Owl–1907 (Part 2)

The new school year brought new graphics to The Owl in 1907 – they added some color and my grandfather’s brother, Ben Levy, added his name at the top.  Sure makes me wonder why I ended up with these books.  I guess because my grandparents hung on to them for 70 years or so and then my parents followed suit for another 30 years..  These editions of The Owl have definitely seen better days as the staples are rusted and ineffective all these years later.  But I’ll take ‘em!

Front Cover

A Table of Contents was also added.  I have to laugh that the section called The Waste Basket (“joshes” from the students) was put together by The Janitor.

Table of Contents

J.W. Warner must have been a pretty special coach and manager to get his own page in The Owl. 

JW Warner

And here he is with the 1907 Fresno High football team.

Football Team
Back row, left to right:  Wheaton, McCollister, Tufts, McNulty, Laning, Ruschhaupt, Warner (Coach)
Front row, left to right:  Morgan, Prather, Collins (Captain), Grimes, Barber

This picture is not from the 1907 Owl but, rather, one I discovered of the 1914 Fresno High School Basketball team.  That’s Coach Warner on the right – a double sport coach!

1914 FHS Basketball Team

I just love looking at the ads.  Apparently the dentists have overtaken the undertakers as big advertisers.  Crowns for $4.00!

Dr Doyle

Nice picture of the interior of the Hughes Hotel.  I can visualize (my dad’s favorite expression) the guests all dressed up for a nice meal before retiring for the night.

Hughes Hotel

Check out these golf shirts – can you imagine dressing in one of these for a hot Fresno day on the links?  At least it would only set you back $1.00-$2.00.

Kutner Goldstein Co

Finally the advertisers are marketing the young ladies!  A quick google search didn’t bring up any information on Fitzese shoes but it sounds like a popular brand for the times.

Louis Einstein

I wonder if Neil=White Fitzese shoes.  Whatever brands they carried I’m sure they were all swell!

Neil White

A swagger nobby suit?  At least they were only a ‘trifle more’ than the ordinary kind of suit.

Radin & Kamp

More clothes!  But again, marketing the men.  At least they have lots of options for stylish clothes.

McAfee Hickman

In December even a little more color was added.  So festive.  Unfortunately, the red ink seems to have run on some of the pages.  I guess that’s what more than 100 years will do.

Front Cover

Floyd Laning took over for the Janitor in The Wastebasket.

Table of Contents

I love the graphics on this page.  Quite a few kids wore the “F” and several received their letter for more than one sport.  I sure wish I’d find a Levy on one of these pages.

Wearers of the F

I would love to see what the pin of “neat and latest design” looked like.  So nice that they set the price so that it was within reach of all students.  I wonder if my grandfather or his brothers ever had a Fresno High School pin.

Warner Co

I realize this was the Christmas edition but glasses as a Christmas gift?  At least J.M. Crawford would help to manage the surprise.

JM Crawford

If you didn’t want to give glasses as a gift, how about something from McAfee-Hickman?  They were having a sale – 25 cents off on Suits and Overcoats until Christmas.

McAfee Hickman

This is an interesting photo to use in an advertisement for the “best fitter in the state”.  I’m not quite sure how this relates.

Henry Viez

Again, focusing on the boys.  But these shoes are swell, don’t you think?

Louis Einstein

Need an overcoat to go with those fancy shoes?

Radin & Kamp

In just the few years of The Owl that I have, I have seen quite a change in the fashion and advertisers.  I can’t wait until I get to my parents’ era to see how much things will have changed over 35-40 years.

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