Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Owl - December, 1905

Next up from my collection of The Owl, Fresno High School's publication, is from December, 1905.

WAIT - what?  Sigmund Levy, Editor?  My grandfather was the editor?

Looks like he really was.  Or as my dad would say - "well he was"!

Yep, there it is in black and white.  Sigmund Levy, Editor.

Here's the back cover.

I just love looking at all of the advertisements.  The Undertakers are still advertising - and this one has a Lady Assistant!

Brunswick was also a big advertiser.

I would love to know more about "gentlemanly exercise".  Or maybe I wouldn't.

Here's another shaving parlor.  New porcelain baths and no waiting - what more could you ask for?

And here you could buy foreign postage stamps and old coins.  Since my dad loved to collect stamps, I can imagine my grandfather did, too.  I'll bet he was a customer here.

Fresno Pharmacy looks like a pretty interesting place.  My grandmother's family owned a mercantile in Monterey and the pictures look much like this.  I'll bet it was a fun place to shop.

At the time of Sig's death in 1968, he worked for Pearson's Realty, which was established in 1919.  I wonder if this was the first Pearson business in Fresno.

It was fun to see an "Alphabet in the Christmas Stocking".  Here's a portion (of course, I had to include the "L").

And Sig was the captain of the tennis team.

I knew that Sig played tennis - I love this photo of him which looks to be after high school. But I had no idea he played in high school or that he was the captain!

Lots more yearbooks to come.


  1. I guess it's a comment on the prevalence of childhood disease into the early 20th century that an undertaker would buy an advertisement in a high school yearbook...

  2. A $12 stamp album in 1905 must have been some humdinger!