Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween through the years

The last few days have been filled with costumes and excitement from kids as they get ready for Trick-or-Treating.  I’ve seen a lot of witches, super heroes, and ballerinas and it reminds me of the years and years of costumes that have come before us.  So here’s some fun from my family.

My grandfather, Sig Levy, had quite a comedic side to him that I don’t know that I ever saw.  But here’s some photos to prove it!

Sig Costume Bottom Middle
Sig Levy – front row, middle
Date unknown

Looks like he enjoyed dressing up.

Sig Costume

I looked through my dad’s baby book hoping to find some photos of him dressed up for Halloween.  I bet one day I’ll run across some but for now, I’ll have to settle for this photo of he and Mom dressed up for some occasion.

Gordon and Gerry 1981
Gerry (Martin) and Gordon Levy

I found lots of photos of Halloween costumes with my sister in the Family Photo Album – you can some of them here and here.

Here’s a cute one that didn’t make it into the Family Photo Album since the album ended at my brother’s birth.  But here is an awfully cute little pilgrim!

My beautiful picture

Even my husband and I got into the act in 1979 – what a stud!  I might have to sleep in the guest room tonight after sharing this!

Ron_Debi 1979

Of course the kids then became the star attractions.  Here’s a few of them growing up.

My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture
1977 – I made the costume!

In 1978 we had a new little one and I remember dressing them up in these cute little bunny costumes.  Dad was in the hospital that Halloween recovering from a heart attack and we were able to take the bunnies for a visit.  What a sight to see one bunny hopping down the halls while the baby bunny sat in Grandpa’s lap in his wheelchair. 


Later that year we went to the Dickens Fair in San Francisco.  While not Halloween, we did decide to dress in character that year for some extra fun.  Little sister stayed home.


In 1979 Daughter #1 decided she would take after Mom and Auntie and be a cheerleader.  And she will be happy to know that while not an “E Box”, she started that tradition early with an “E” on her sweater!

Erinn 1979
I’m not sure what they were trying to be here but looks like they were having fun.  Those two would sit in that playpen together for hours while they played!

Megan Erinn 1979

1980 found us in a new state – Washington!  Halloween wasn’t the same weather wise as we’d left in California.  I learned pretty quickly that long costumes with rain and lots of steps to the front doors didn’t mix so well.  But at least we were able to recycle the witch costume!

Erinn_Megan 1980

Now the pictures start getting a little more scarce (I’m sure I’ll come up with them some day) and a little out of order but I think I have the majority of them right.

Hope the cat doesn’t eat the mouse!

Erinn Megan c1983
Butterfly and Princess

Megan_Erinn c1984
Baby and Ballerina

Look – we recycled another costume.  Actually, we recycled two costumes as the cheerleader is wearing my high school cheer leading outfit!

abt 1985

Erinn Clown
Clown - 1988

Daughter #2’s 4th grade teacher was Mrs. Baker – what a perfect costume she wore!

Megan Mrs Baker c 1988
Punk rocker and Mrs. Baker - 1988

And that’s where the evidence seems to have dried up.  Daughter #1 and I were just talking about the worst Halloween costume and she remembered when she was in about 6th grade or so when she dressed up as a bag of jelly beans.  A clear trash can holding a bunch of balloons with a person wedged inside.  Cute costume until she hit a rose bush and balloons started popping as she trick-or-treated through the neighborhood.  Sure wish I had some photos of that!

Hope you have a safe Halloween!


  1. Didn't Sig have a similar prize-winning costume on a cruise?
    I love the Halloween photos. My daughter went to a party as a bubble bath one time covered in white balloons with a luffa on her head.

    1. Wendy, you have a better memory than I do about what I have in my collection!

    2. I think I was just impressed that he was SO prepared for a costume contest!

    3. PS -- I forgot to say, "I see the white bench!!"

  2. Fun photos; Your youngest is the same age as my daughter. I remember those years very well.

  3. I hope you had a good Halloween. Great pix!

  4. Fun pictures. I couldn't help but think how Halloween costumes have changed over the years .