Sunday, April 12, 2015

Schwartz Siblings

Since we just celebrated National Sibling Day, I thought I would honor the earliest siblings I have photos of – my great grandmother, Bertha Schwartz, and her brothers.  I do have photos of my great grandfather, Abraham Gunzendorfer, and his brothers but I’ve already shared their picture here

I’ve written about Bertha on numerous occasions and feel like of my ancestors whom I never met, I know her the best.  Maybe it’s because I remember hearing my dad and grandmother talk about Birdie so much as I was growing up, maybe it’s that there was always a picture of Birdie as a young girl displayed in our living room, or maybe it’s because I have so many of her things now.  Whatever it is, I’m thrilled to feel like she’s really a part of me and love being able to share her story with my descendants so that they, too, will know more about this beautiful woman.

Bertha Schwartz c 1878
Bertha Schwartz
c. 1878
Photo displayed in our living room

While the above photo is a treasure, I just love these photos of Birdie and her brothers with their parents – I just wish I had one photo with all of them together. 

Rebecca_Louis_Joseph_Bertha Schwartz cropped
Rebecca Steen Schwartz (1848-1918), Joseph Schwartz (1867-1919), Louis Schwartz (1834-1893), Bertha Schwartz (1872-1950)

I just love the hair styles all swooped over to one side.  Must have been the fashion of the times – too bad Louis couldn’t participate.

Schwartz Louis Family cropped
Milton Harry Schwartz (1878-1958), Rebecca Steen Schwartz,  Louis Schwartz, Colman Schwartz (1884-1920)

They look so formal and dark, as if they were in mourning.  But what a handsome family!

Unfortunately, there were five other children born to Rebecca and Louis but three of the children died very soon after birth while young Tina died in 1870 and Marks died in 1877, both at the age of four.  But the other four children pictured all lived into adulthood.

Here’s to the Schwartz siblings – Joseph, Bertha, Milton, and Colman!


  1. Love Milton's suit and hat. All of these pictures are so beautiful. Is Birdie wearing earrings in that second picture?

    1. I think she is, Wendy! I never paid any attention to that before. And if you look closely at the first picture, I think she has earrings on, too.