Sunday, February 22, 2015


Sharing – to allow someone to use or enjoy something that one possesses.

Over the course of the last few years I’ve had so much fun connecting with cousins who, in most cases, I had no idea existed.  In some cases we’ve formed a facebook page where we could communicate, in other cases we’ve sent e-mails, but in all cases the most exhilarating part of connecting is sharing – information, stories, pictures.  Our common ancestors brought us together so it’s our turn to cultivate those relationships and honor our ancestors’ memories.

My cousin Kris, whom I “met” about 4 years ago, shares a very special ancestor with me, Emery Waller.  Emery was our 3rd great grandfather and the ancestor for whom I was able to have a stone placed on his unmarked grave.  You can read about the success in getting Emery’s grave marked here

I think the first photo that Kris shared with me was this beautiful photo of the two older sisters of my great grandmother, Mabel Viola McAboy Fitzgerald.  Lilly Gay McAboy was Kris’ great grandmother.

Clara and Lilly McAboy, c1890
Clara and Lilly Gay McAboy
c. 1890
Photo courtesy of Kris N.

The next photo Kris shared with me was of Emery’s daughter and the mother of Clara, Lilly, and Mabel McAboy.  I’ll never forget that early morning when I opened my e-mail and found this beautiful face staring at me.

Rebecca Moriah Waller 1920
Rebecca Moriah Waller McAboy
photo courtesy of Kris N.

And the most recent photos Kris shared arrived as I was out and about – thank goodness for mobile e-mail so I was able to see these right away.

Lilly Gay McAboy_Vera Langworthy 1910
Vera Agnes Langworthy and Lilly Gay McAboy Langworthy
c. 1910
photo courtesy of Kris N.

Vera Langworthy was Kris’ grandmother.  And then two very special ladies in both of our lives….

Lilly Gay _Mabel McAboy
Lilly Gay McAboy Langworthy and Mabel Viola McAboy Fitzgerald
photo courtesy of Kris N.

Lilly and Mabel look so stern!  I was privileged to have known Mabel and spend time with her and I don’t remember that she was stern – I remember a very loving, caring woman and I am so thrilled that I was able to know her.

Mabel McAboy 1
Mabel Viola McAboy Fitzgerald
c. 1952

Thanks so much, Kris, for sharing your photos with me!


  1. Yes... what would we do without our sharing cousins? :)

  2. What lovely photos. It's fun to see pictures of a loved one at various stages of life. It's also pretty darn cool that you have a cousins page on Facebook.

    1. It is cool, Wendy. There are 4 of us so we made a private Facebook page called Waller Cousins. Unfortunately, we haven't used it much in the last year or two :-(

  3. Wonderful photos! Thank you for sharing them with us, your readers!