Sunday, January 11, 2015

Who is this Mystery Man?

It started with this photo.

Loraine in front of house

Nice home but I don’t know where it is/was or who it belonged to.  But wait, could that be my grandmother, Mildred Loraine Gunzendorfer, in front?  A closer look.

Loraine in front of house cropped

Looks like it!  I can tell by the way she’s standing – she sort of puts her head forward.

Loraine Xmas 1912
Mildred Loraine Gunzendorfer
c. 1912

So now that I’ve figured that out, who is the mystery man with her?  I’m leaning towards that being her dad, Abraham Gunzendorfer.  Look at this photo of the two of them, along with her mother, Bertha Schwartz Gunzendorfer.

Abe_Birdie_Loraine c 1919
Abe, Bertha, Loraine Gunzendorfer
c. 1919

It could be him!  Unfortunately, it could also be lots of other people.  Her brother?  A beau?  Could it be their home in Monterey which was located at 430 Pacific Street?  Or the later address of 456 Pacific Street?  Were 430 and 456 the same place just with a revised house number?

So many questions from just one little picture.  If I could just figure out who the mystery man is it might help me figure out where they are.  One picture always brings so many questions.  Sigh.


  1. Oh that has to be Abe -- the hairline, the glasses, the low ears.

  2. I don't know how old Lorraine was in the last photo, but she is quite a bit shorter than Abe. But, she could be 13 or 14 and still growing? If you have other photos, you might check their height. If not Abe, maybe a brother then?

  3. Those old photos are hard to identify. We can never be 100% sure.