Sunday, November 16, 2014

Another little gem

A few months ago I wrote about discovering a photo of my Great Grandmother’s, Birdie Schwartz, high school graduation from Santa Cruz High School in 1890.  You can read about it here.  I love the photo so much that I just have to post it again.

High School Graduation
Santa Cruz High School
Graduating class – 1890
Bertha Schwartz – standing, far right
And now I’ve discovered this.

Bertha Schwartz 2A
Bertha Schwartz

It looks to me like Birdie’s portrait from that very special day.  I just love all of the flowers and decorations around her – sure not something you’d see today.  I’ll bet there is some significance to it all but I’m not sure I’ll ever know what that might be.

I have so many photos of Birdie over the years.  This is probably the earliest one I’ve found of her.  I think she looks to be about 3.

Bertha Schwartz1 c1876
Birdie Schwartz
c. 1875

It looked like this before I cropped it – could it have been a little Christmas ornament or something?

Bertha Schwartz

My parents kept this photo on a table in the living room and always said I looked just like her.  I sure would have loved wearing those clothes as a young girl!

Bertha Schwartz c 1878

And here is Birdie as a young woman.  Look at that beautiful blouse!

Bertha Schwartz 3

And this is Birdie near the end of her life.

BerthaSchwartz2 cropped

What a treasure to be able to see my great grandmother throughout her lifetime.  Once again, I have to thank my grandmother for being such a packrat!


  1. How true about being thankful for our packrat ancestors. You have quite a few treasures here with these photographs, Debi! Glad your grandmother had the foresight to save them.

  2. These pictures are wonderful! What special family history treasures these precious photos must be to you and your family.

  3. Birdie was beautiful her entire life. You can still see the 3-yr old face in the more mature face.

    Is the round photo on a tin plate? I have such a portrait; I can tell there once was some kind of border, maybe a ribbon like in your picture.