Sunday, August 17, 2014

Fun with Sig

Sadly, I don’t have too many memories of my paternal grandfather, Sig Levy, as I wasn’t quite 14 years old when he died.  And as I think about that, it occurred to me that he passed away 46 years ago yesterday, August 16, 1968.  I’ll wait while you do the math…….

What I do remember about Grandpa Sig is that he ‘collected’ little trinkets and had a treasure trove of stuff in the little room off the garage for us to look at and if we were really lucky, he’d send us home with something.  I can just imagine how thrilled my parents were with that but I guess as long as Grandpa was able to get rid of some stuff, he was happy.  And as I go through all of the stuff that has been in storage all these years, I can just imagine how much there must have been because, undoubtedly, the trinkets must have ended up in the trash.

I also remember that Grandpa was a fun-loving guy and everyone seemed to love him.  He was involved in everything possible and I know he passed that on to his son because my dad was the same way.  So how fun for me to come across some pictures that reminds me of how active he was and how much fun he seemed to have.

Apparently Grandpa liked to swim because I ran across this picture of him with his friends.  That’s Sig on the right – how’s that for a stylin’ bathing suit?  The guy in the middle sure looks like Johnny Carson to me.

Sig Beach Bathing Suit

After his death, I was given a couple of Sig’s old tennis racquets and we’ve had them hanging on our wall for about 30 years - I think I need to hang this photo next to the racquets.  Check out the shoes!

Sig Tennis

Too bad this photo is torn because I’d sure like to see the entire photo and, more importantly, be able to read what someone wrote on the back.  It might have given some clues as to what was going on.  That’s Sig on the left in the front.

Sig Center

I’d sure like to know the story behind these.  Looks like they were dressed up for a play for something.

Sig Costume

Sig Costume 1

Sig Costume Bottom Middle

Here’s Sig with Steel Davis, one of Fresno’s most beloved Police Officers.  Besides those words on the back of the photo, I also learned that Mr. Davis assisted with the Raisin Festival Parades.  I did a quick search on for Steel Davis and can see he was born in 1878 and died in 1935 but I don’t see any children or even any family trees – is no one looking for him?  I’d love to connect with a descendant because this photo of him in his uniform is priceless!  And no, he wasn’t a giant – my grandfather was probably only about 5’ 2” tall.

Steel Davis_Sig Levy

I just love this photo and have a larger version hanging in my hallway – I can just imagine Sig whistling on his way to work.

Sig Whistling 1940
Sig Levy - 1940

Grandpa liked the girls!  Here he is with Jack Marvin, test pilot, and Alyse Kaye Moffett, Miss Fresno 1957.

Sig Yesterday and Today 1957
Jack Marvin, Alyse Kaye Moffett, Sig Levy
June 6, 1957 – Fresno Realty Board

What’s everyone looking at?  Whatever it was Grandpa wasn’t too interested.


I’d like to know how tall this guy is.

Sig Levy Bros

Here’s Sig with the ladies again.  At least Grandma was with him this time.

Sig_Loraine Hawaii

I love when I find a description and a date on the back of the photo!

Banquet for Shriners 50 yrs or more Sig Loraine left Wm Burks opposite April 1967
April, 1967
Banquet for Shriners
At this table are members of the Shrine for 50 years or more
In foreground Mr. & Mrs. Sigmund Levy
W. Burks on opposite side of table

And this is how I remember Grandma and Grandpa – him in a suit/tie and her in a dress.  And look at us in our little matching outfits! 

Sig_Loraine_Debi_Cary c 1959


  1. That was fun, Debi. The two men in uniform (in two different photographs) must have been really, really tall. It looks like there's at least a foot between the tops of their heads and the top of Sig's. It would be fun to have had a photo-taking family!

  2. What a grand collection of photos, Debi. Thanks for sharing them in your grandfather's memory!

    You are right about the photo of your grandfather's friend, Steel Davis. That would be a nice photo for a family member to have. I took a look around, too, thinking at least there should be an obituary somewhere. Unfortunately, either the two newspaper archiving services I subscribe to don't include that year of his passing in their collection, or Steel wasn't the man's real first name.

    Sometimes in cases like that, I will post a link to my blog post about a photo of a family friend on the various genealogy forums, under the surname and county sections, in hopes someone from that family will stumble upon the entry and find their way to me. Hopefully, something like that can happen for you, and you can share the digital wealth with a descendant or distant relative of Steel Davis.

  3. Is that the same kimono Sig wore on the cruise ship when he won "Best Costume"?