Sunday, May 11, 2014

The mothers in my life

In honor of the mothers in my life on Mother's Day.

My mother, Geraldine Martin (1928-2013)

Geraldine c 1932

Geraldine c1960

Gerry 2012

My maternal grandmother, Clara Maxine Fitzgerald (1903-1987)

Clara Fitzgerald 1904

Clara Fitzgerald

Clara’s mother, Mabel Viola McAboy (1883-1966)

Mabel McAboy

Four generations – Clara Fitzgerald, Geraldine Martin, Mabel McAboy, Carolyn Levy, Deborah Levy

My beautiful picture

Mabel’s mother – Rebecca Moriah Waller (1845-1928)  Photo courtesy of Kris Nagamine

Rebecca Moriah Waller 1920

My maternal grandmother – Mildred Loraine Gunzendorfer (1896-1982)

Loraine 1897

Loraine Xmas 1912

Loraine 1969

Loraine’s Mother – Bertha Schwartz (1872-1950)

Bertha Schwartz1 c1876

Bertha Schwartz 3

BerthaSchwartz2 cropped

Bertha’s mother – Rebecca Steen (1848-1918)

Rebecca Steen cropped

Four generations – Rebecca Steen, Bertha Schwartz, Hannah Plotzky, Loraine Gunzendorfer

4 Generations cropped

That’s a lot of mothers!


  1. Wonderful photos to have! You have some cuties in your tree.

  2. What beautiful photos. And to have pictures of the mothers at different stages of life is fortunate. Your collection makes me realize I have very few formal portraits of the mothers in my life.