Sunday, September 8, 2013

They are officially engaged!

It looks like it’s official – my parents are engaged!  The announcement was made at Ricky’s on October 2, 1949.  I remember hearing a lot about Ricky’s as a kid but I never realized that it was the site of such a historic event for my family.  It turns out that Casa Ventura is the house Mom lived in at Stanford. 

Misc 10_9_1949

And a few newspaper articles tell the details.

Engagement Newspaper 10_9_1949

While there are some familiar names, there are many that are completely unfamiliar to me.  I’m going to pull out Mom’s yearbooks and see if I can find out if some of these people were classmates at Stanford.  What I’ve learned is that Mom didn’t seem to stay in touch with most, if any, of her friends from high school or college.

And another article.

Engagement Newspaper 1 10_9_1949

And then there were the notes of congratulations.

Wandaline Carter Wandaline Carter Inside

Wandaline Carter is a name I’ve never heard before.   I’m glad she enjoyed the candy that was provided to the guests.

And Patti and Carol means nothing to me, either. 

Wishing Happiness

But here’s someone I recognize – this would be Irene (Gunzendorfer) and Al Sherwin.  Irene was my grandmother’s (Loraine Gunzendorfer) cousin – Irene’s father, Jacob Gunzendorfer, was the younger brother of Loraine’s father, Abraham Gunzendorfer.  The word ‘cousin’ looks like it was written with a different pen and may even be Loraine’s handwriting.  I’ve found items later in the book where Loraine had written addresses for people so Mom would have them for thank you notes – maybe this was to remind Mom who these people were.

Best Wishes Cover Best Wishes Irene_Al

It must have been an exciting time – one that every little girl dreams about.  Stay tuned for details about the showers and parties that were given for Mom!


  1. "Disclosed" and "revealed" -- sounds like international intrigue, doesn't it? Oh the social formality of the day! I wish you had a picture of that centerpiece.

    1. Who knows, Wendy, maybe I'll run across one. I'm assuming the red was really 'cardinal' in honor of their beloved school.