Sunday, May 19, 2013

Military Girl

No, my grandmother wasn’t a military girl but the next pages of her scrapbook tell a different story.  And boy are these pages in sad shape.

I’ll do my best to document these pages but things are really torn and falling apart which makes it hard to scan.

“Military Girl” was a musical and financial success!  What a difference a century makes - $100 was considered a financial success in 1915.  From what I can piece together, the production was held on Thursday, February 4, 1915.  Besides a Burlesquer, Loraine Gunzendorfer was also a Matinee Girl. 

Financial Success

The article also states:

There were no stars in “The Military Girl.” But each and every one in the cast – from the chorus girl to the few who portrayed the leading roles – acted their parts splendidly, and the audience was highly pleased with the production. Well rendered songs, beautifully executed dances, and appropriate costumes combined to make “The Military Girl” one of the most appreciated local talent productions presented here in years. The operetta was coached by Fred Carlyle of Oakland.

And then there is this article:

Operetta 1 Operatta 2

And the Program:

Programme Programme 2
(These are in such bad shape that my Flip-Pal had trouble stitching them together)

Here’s what Grandma had to say about the production:

Such fun

I’m not sure what this is – maybe part of the script that listed the songs?

Leaders of the Ball

And this must be part of the Burlesque script but it is tattered and appears to have been written in pencil which has almost completely faded.  I guess that’s what almost 100 years in a basement or storage unit will do.


A big clue from these articles is that Loraine’s friend, Elfie, had a last name – Fonda. Maybe that will help me put together some pieces of the puzzle!


  1. That is a lovely and supportive review of a local production. These mementos are exactly what I've come to expect of your grandmother. She kept the best stuff!

  2. It may be old & faded but that scrapbook is wonderful.