Sunday, January 13, 2013

Drop a Penny, we need many

Back to the scrapbook, where the next page has this…..

Drop a Penny

Apparently this was a World War I slogan but were they really going to buy milk for Belgium babies with the money???

I guess they were still looking for more slogans.  The winning entry received either $2 or $3 – these days I don’t think anyone would enter unless the prize was at least $10,000.  My grandfather was a judge – wonder what they winning entry was?

National Slogan

Another newspaper article.  Hmmm, I wonder if I’ll run across this photo in my stash.

Fresno Boys Train

“Fresno has many proud sons in the service of Uncle Sam, but above is shown seven Fresnans who are in training for the aviation service at Camp Wasco, Texas.  The picture was received her yesterday by Sig Levy, who has recommended for the officers’ training school for aviators, from Dick Crawford, who recently enlisted in the aviation service.  The boys report that they like the life.  In the picture reading from left to right they are:  (Upper row): Dick Crawford, Fritz Prather, Hollis Pierson, Heitzig, Bouden, Kellogg, Owen, all of Fresno; and Wikarens of San Diego.”

I’ve heard about Dick Crawford in the letters between my grandparents but the other names are all new to me.  Might need to study up on them.

Looks like someone participated in the auto caravan to the State Fair at Sacramento.  At about 175 miles, that caravan must have been hard to keep together.  Especially at 25-30 miles per hours!

Auto Caravan

And last but not least, news that my grandfather, Sig Levy, had a flu attack.  I first learned that Sig had the flu when Loraine’s parents wrote to him about their engagement so I’m guessing this newspaper article must have been from late 1918.

Sig Flu Attack

Glad he recovered or I wouldn’t be here today!


  1. The flu scare was well, scary. And apparently it still is, based on recent reports of deaths from the flu. So many interesting tidbits in this scrapbook, but I'm especially interested in that slogan contest. I hope you find out what the winning slogan was.

  2. Debi, I read this post when you first published it and wanted to comment about your first image but didn't have time to find a post I wanted to share. I know you're posting images from the scrapbook and probably don't have a deep interest in WWI orphans, but I this post tied in with your image: She shares postcard, newspaper articles, and images from a book. fwiw....